Top 7 Picture Perfect Destinations in Hawaii

by Emese Graham

You already have an eye for capturing gorgeous details with your camera of choice. We’ll help you find the perfect spots for the perfect shots, so you can fill up a photo album with vacation highlights.

Here’s where to go in Hawaii for the most effortlessly photogenic destinations to remember for a lifetime.

1. Pipiwai Trail in Haleakalā National Park

bamboos Haleakalā National Park

In the heart of the Haleakalā National Park, as part of the Pipiwai trail, you’ll find an enchanting bamboo forest. Sky-high bamboo shoots make for an otherworldly backdrop for any photo shoot. Amateur photographers who don’t fancy hiking with a big camera can still get spectacular pics with their smartphones.

Expert traveller tip: Take the scenic route! The Road to Hana offers beautiful views you can’t help but explore with multiple pit stops.

2. Waimea Bay

surfing Waimea Bay

Waimea Bay is a popular destination for more advanced surfers, especially between November and February when the waves are quite large. Bring your zoom lens and take some dynamic action shots of the waves rolling in.

Expert traveller tip: If you’re visiting Hawaii during the summer, Waimea Bay is still a fabulous beach to spend a day in the sun!

3. Napali Coast in Kauai County

Napali Coast in Kauai County

Napali coast is the best destination for magnificent views of the Hawaii landscape. Capture stunning shots from the beach and Kalalau trail or hop on board a helicopter tour to get a unique perspective with a wide-angle lens.

Expert traveller tip: The state of Hawaii doesn’t allow drones in public parks and several other restricted areas, so avoid the disappointment and skip the hassle of packing your drone for aerial shots.

4. Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve

Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve snorkelling

Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve is a marine life conservation area and a popular snorkelling destination, thanks to the abundance of wildlife. Bring your underwater camera with you to document your encounters with tropical fish and even sea turtles! Since the water is quite shallow, you can easily spend a couple of hours getting just the right pictures without getting tired.

Expert traveller tip: Park admission is under $10, and there are a handful of snorkel tour packages you can opt into for a few hours of fun.

5. Haleiwa Town

Haleiwa Town sahved ice

Haleiwa Town in the North Shore is a unique spot with eclectic and colourful vibes that match the beach-bum, surfing culture of the neighbourhood. It’s the perfect destination to play around with camera filters or snap some candids with a Polaroid.

Expert traveller tip: You’ll want to make a stop for lunch. From food trucks to shave ice joints, there are plenty of trendy eats in town to enjoy.

6. Upper Waikani Falls

Upper Waikani Falls

Upper Waikani Falls (a.k.a Three Bears) is a prime spot for experiencing your own piece of paradise. With triplet waterfalls cascading into a serene swimming hole, it’s perfect for sneaking in a romantic photo shoot.

Expert traveller tip: You can get a fabulous view right from the roadside of Highway 360, but the swimming hole is also accessible via a quick downhill hike for close-ups.

7. Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden

Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden

The Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens is home to over 2,000 species of native plants, and a sure-fire destination for striking photos of iconic flowers. The gardens include a network of outdoor trails, a massive indoor greenhouse, a boardwalk, and countless picturesque spots to snap beautiful shots.

Expert Traveller tip: During your visit, you’ll likely hear the resident macaws. Head to the Founder’s Birdhouse to snap some pictures of these brilliantly colourful birds.

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