Healthy Tips for Business Travel

by Crissandra Ayroso
woman smiling and looking out the window as she opens the curtains in her hotel room

With an agenda full of meetings and appointments, maintaining a healthy lifestyle on work trips can be a challenge. Incorporate your self-care routines into your work trips and make your healthy lifestyle travel-proof.

Eat well & stay hydrated

Being prepared with healthy options on work trips is easier said than done. Avoid the fast-food trap with these helpful tips.

Pack snacks

close up of nuts and seeds trail mix

Stock up on healthy snacks that travel easily, like trail mix, nuts and seeds, and protein bars. Being prepared with healthy snacks will save you from the temptation of reaching for in-room chips, chocolate, and candy, or an emergency fast food stop.

Watch portions

Moderate portion sizes, especially when you’re eating out at a restaurant. They’re almost always twice as much as what you need!

Avoid heavy carbs and processed sugars

Keep energy levels steady with lower carbohydrate intake, especially the night before your flight to ensure a good night’s sleep. Choose high fibre options like brown rice, quinoa, beans, and legumes. Protein-rich foods like lean meats and fish keep you fuller longer, and bloat-free.

Fly with the world’s healthiest airlines

salad on an airplane food tray

Air Canada and Alaska Airlines were revealed to be the healthiest airlines to travel with, according to a recent airline food study. With an array of options, from fruits and cheese to wild rice superfood salads, flying with a healthy airline will help you fuel up and feel good.


Dehydration can make you feel sluggish, can worsen jet lag, and trick you into thinking you’re hungry. Try to avoid coffee and alcohol as much as possible. Pack a reusable water bottle and stay hydrated before, during, and after your flight!

Work in work-outs

woman's hands and feet reaching into a yoga pose

One of the biggest obstacles to maintaining a workout regimen is simply being away from your gym. If you’re lucky, your hotel gym is well-equipped. If not, fit workouts into your trip easily with these travel-friendly tips.

Pack light gym gear

With a foldable travel yoga mat, thin set of resistance bands, and some light workout clothes, you’ll have all you need to turn your hotel room into your personal gym. 

Download free fitness apps

Bring the gym to you with apps like Daily Workout Fitness Trainer, Pocket Yoga, or Sworkit. These apps require little to no gear and focus on bodyweight exercises.

Manage stress

woman packing clothes into a suitcase

Work trips can be especially stressful. Being away from loved ones and having demanding work commitments can affect your emotional and mental health. Manage stress and take care while travelling for business.

Anxiety? Practice coping techniques

  • Travel anxiety is not uncommon and can be caused when there’s a lot of uncertainty.  Identify your stressors, decide how you want to manage them while travelling or take the steps to avoid them.
  • If you’re having a panic or anxiety attack while travelling, use coping techniques to help you through it. Breathe through it and let it pass. Slow down your breathing. Focus on your exhale.

Get some zzzs

Have a sleep routine? Bring it with you! Sleep deprivation is a common experience for business travellers and can affect cognitive function. Avoid sleepless nights with some sleep-inducing essentials, i.e. a sleeping mask, a book, your favourite pyjamas. Be your best you with a good night’s sleep. 


Bring an aroma that smells like home for a touch of familiarity. Whether it’s an essential oil, scented candle or even the coffee you drink daily, aromatherapy can bring comfort and has been proven to reduce anxiety, insomnia, and headaches.

Call home

woman on cell phone sitting on a bed in her hotel room with her luggage nearby

Keep in touch with your loved ones. Simply checking in and hearing a familiar voice can bring comfort and help you sleep better at night.


Your health is the most valuable thing you own. Take care of it and have peace of mind when you travel with Flight Centre Business Travel. Talk to a Travel Manager today at 1-866-940-0217, available 24/7.