Hot off the Press! Alaska Airlines Airport Lounge’s Pancake Printer

by Alyssa Daniells

Air is the secret to making fluffy pancakes, while Alaska Airline’s secret to making its guests happy could be its pancakes.

Airline lounges offer passengers a peaceful area to catch up on rest or work, unlike the bustling airport lounge beyond. To stay competitive, more airlines are going to unique lengths to make their lounges the most appealing. Emirates offers spa treatments in its Dubai lounge, while travellers in Abu Dhabi may slumber in sleeping pods. While it may not be quite as decadent, Alaska Airlines has introduced a quirky machine that has its guests flipping with joy—a pancake printing press. Offering a comforting taste of home to weary (or just plain hungry) passengers, this efficient gadget “prints” fresh and tasty pancakes at the push of a button.

Thanks to the machine’s success in Seattle, privileged Alaska Airlines passengers in Anchorage, Portland and Los Angeles can also nosh on this morning favourite during breakfast hours.

Alaska_Airlines Alaska Airlines posted on its blog, “Rumor [sic] has it, certain frequent fliers even schedule their trips to the airport around the pancake machine’s hours, which have been expanded to accommodate its popularity.”

Pleasing everyone from business travellers to restless children, the pancake printing press might end up at an airport lounge near you. That boarding pass may not be the only item you’re printing at the airport!


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