How Intrepid Travel Changed My View of Peru

by Emma Hackwood

It’s hard to overwrite a first impression, but when it comes to travel, the unexpected is always right around the corner. One of our Flighties recently travelled to Peru with Intrepid Travel and rewrote her perspective on this beautiful and culture-rich country.

As a travel junkie, I’m embarrassed to admit that before this trip, I really had no desire to see Peru. I didn’t know anyone that had been and nothing about it stood out to me. I couldn’t have been more surprised.

I had never done a tour before, thinking it would be difficult travelling with a large group and somehow not adventurous enough. Again, I was completely wrong. Intrepid’s groups are small enough that you never feel like you’re on a tour but rather a private excursion. Everywhere we went, our transfer, hotel keys and tour guide were ready and waiting for us. I soon discovered that with a limited budget and timeline, a tour is the perfect way to maximize your time abroad.



Peru seems to be one of the few corners left on Earth still very much in touch with its roots. Geographically, it has more varied landscapes than any other single country I’ve seen. You could be riding in the desert, sitting by a beach, climbing a shrub-covered mountain or looking out from a farm over a vast green valley, all in the same day.

Our accommodations throughout were delightful. Intrepid has such a fantastic family of partner hotels and every one we stayed in offered a very quaint, local vibe. The rooms were clean, spacious and perfect for what we needed, not to mention, a hot breakfast at each hotel!

Ceviche in Peru

For me, Peruvian food was the highlight of the trip. Massive portions, 5-star presentations and fresh ingredients made the food shine. Being on the coast, Lima served up the best ceviche I have ever had! Alpaca steaks in Cuzco were a hit at $10 each while quinoa salad and guinea pig were the norm on our homestay visits.


Peru’s biggest attraction, Machu Picchu, should definitely be on everyone’s bucket list. This mesmerizing, man-made wonder is indescribable and the sanctuary built for nobles on top of a steep mountain is truly the masterpiece of the Inca civilization. Whether you decide to trek the Inca Trail or take the bus (like me) to the top of the mountain, your first glimpse of Machu Picchu will surely be a moment to remember forever.

Geckos Peru Pichu Llama

I highly recommend Peru to all kinds of travellers now. History buffs, nature lovers, foodies and anyone looking to visit a country truly untouched by time should all be planning their Peruvian adventure now, with Intrepid Travel as their guide.


Interested in a new perspective of a country? Try Intrepid Travel on for size! For more information or to book a tour, email us, call us at 1877 967 5302 or visit your nearest Flight Centre store today.  


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