How to Avoid Jet Lag

by Kristen Sarah

Do you struggle with getting adequate shut-eye when you travel? Good news! That dreaded jet lag can be prevented, it just takes a little pre-trip preparation and mindful maintenance while you’re away. In her latest travel video, Kristen Sarah from Hopscotch the Globe provides us with 8 helpful tips on how to avoid jet lag.

Here are some of the highlights below. Do you have any great jet lag tips that works well for you? Share them with us!

1. Go to sleep earlier or later


If you’re heading East, shift your bedtime to be a little earlier starting about a week before your departure. If you’re heading West, do the opposite!

 2. Adjust to your new schedule during your flight

neck pillow sleeping

Once you’re all settled in and ready for take-off, adjust your clock to match the time of the destination you’re headed to.

3. Drink up!

jet lag drink coffee

Hydration is key. In order to ensure you’ll be able to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep longer, your body needs to be properly hydrated. Avoid things like caffeine and alcohol leading up to your trip.

4. Eat sensibly

sugar and salty foods

In addition to avoiding things that will dehydrate you, be conscious of the food you’re putting in your body a few days before you leave. High carb meals and bad fats can also disturb sleep patterns so make smart choices!

5. Take supplements

vitamins and supplements

Multi-vitamins and melatonin will keep your immune system strong and your sleep cycle consistent.

6. Go outside

go outside

Daytime landing? Upon your arrival, you’ll need to set your internal clock to coincide with your destination. Spending some time outdoors will help you do just that.

7. No napping


Again, arriving during the day calls for staying awake. A nap might seem unavoidable but it’s not worth consequences. The more you snooze, the more sleep you’ll lose.

8. Extend your trip

reading a book

If possible, add a few days on to the beginning of your trip to accommodate for some much needed downtime. Avoid embarking on an adventurous endeavours the first day you arrive. Whether you’re off on a cruise, tour, or rail journey, a Flight Centre Travel consultant can help you book your pre and post accommodations and ensure the best flight times to better fit your needs.

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