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Published on May 3rd, 2018 | by Alyssa Daniells


How to Travel with Kids – Travel Tips From Real Travelling Moms

Flight Centre knows mothers make the world go ‘round!  In honour of Mother’s Day, we bring you our travel gift card sale with $50 booking bonus, plus this list of travel tips curated by our Mighties (who are they, you ask? Read on!)

When it comes to travelling with kids, you’ll find countless opinions flying around the internet.

As if travelling with little ones in tow wasn’t hard enough (any mom who says it’s easy, is probably named Kardashian and has a team of handlers larger than her…er, never mind) the amount of advice out there can also be overwhelming.

Look no further, busy parent! Right here you’ll find the best advice for travelling with children. That’s because it comes straight from our very own Flight Centre travel experts — who also happen to be mothers. (So you could call this, the mother of all travel tips lists.)

Who else better to give travel tips than Flighties (what we affectionately call ourselves), who are already seasoned travellers? They may get time to globe-trot, but they never get a day off being a mom!

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Moms are no strangers to feeling overtired and underappreciated.


Unfortunately (and fortunately) the kids don’t show their appreciation with a star-rating, even though you provide shuttle transports, inviting accommodations, entertainment, housekeeping and more.

We asked our mom Flighties (otherwise known as Mighties) for their expert tips on where to travel with your kids, whether they’re tots, teens or totally grown up (at least, according to their birth certificates.) After all, mothers know best, and that includes everything to know about travel.

Here is the definitive list of travel tips when taking a trip with kids, with real photos from our real moms included. Warning: cute kids ahead!


Expert Tips for Travel with Kids

Eva Gerovasilis
Fairview Mall, ON

Evening flights were a must for us. When kids are a little older, give Children’s Gravol for sensitive tummies. To get them excited about the journey, read and pack travel books, especially ones that feature planes, etc. A few favourite toys are always a good idea.



Eleanor Merry
Flight Centre Support

My first tip is bring a change of clothes– for yourself as well as your child! Murphy’s law means if a mess happens, it will go everywhere. Secondly, for a stopover that’s a few hours, it is worth paying for a lounge pass. You’ll have access to hot and cold meals, drinks and some have quiet areas for nursing, with much comfier seats you’ll find in the general airport. Thirdly, make sure to enjoy it and go with the flow! Whether you are a parent or not, things will go wrong when you travel. Try to enjoy and embrace it. Lastly — buy travel insurance!



Chelsey Galbraith
Columbia Place, BC

I suggest you be prepared with a full days’ worth of diapers, wipes and spare clothes for both you and your little one. And very importantly, research your airports! Many have designated areas for breastfeeding moms and ones designed for entertaining kids.


Cortney Cahusac
Oakville, ON

When the kids are a bit older, have them carry a “flight log” and ask for the Captain’s autograph when boarding. The captain or first officer will write flight stats in the book and provide some insightful tidbits. Airlines crews are usually great at making kids’ experiences positive ones. My little guy even sat in the Captain’s seat and made an announcement prior to taking off, which inspired him to be a pilot someday!


Alyssa Daniells
Flight Centre Head Office

If one can swing the added expense, Premium Economy was a godsend. I didn’t buy her own seat as she was under 2 years and free, so I justified the added expense. Even with a shared seat, she played in the ample space by my feet! Truth be told, better service and the extra food included also helped. But whatever cabin you are in, I also recommend you make friends with fellow passengers! They’ll often see a cute kid and smile, so smile back and that goes a long way, people end up offering a much-needed helping hand.



Kristin Bloch
Fairview Mall, ON

Three tips: for ages 1 and under, a baby carrier will save you and your back! Bring child-sized headphones and if all else fails, Snapchat filters are good for at least an hour of entertainment– for you both. Finally, take your time. If you’re the last ones off, it only means your stroller will be at the door and your bags will be rounding the carousel when you get off.



Courtney Willis
Georgian Mall, ON

When booking properties with splash pads and water parks, ask your travel agent for the age requirements. This ensures your littles can enjoy the resort amenities. Just don’t forget the swim diapers!



Kieren Elliott
Flight Centre Support

Use a messenger-style diaper bag on the plane, which is quite small, and arrange clothing according to type for easy access. I tucked diapers and wipes in the front panel and slung it over my shoulder (no need to put it on the gross ground in the toilet). Not all Canadian car seats are compatible internationally, so rent one at your destination instead.


Tabatha Bennett
Chilliwack, BC

OK, I’m gonna be “that Mom” — but for a long trip, download your airline app or download shows they like, and have your device handy. Put kids in comfy clothes and packs loads of snacks! When you think you’ve packed enough, get more.  Speaking of technology, always get kiddos some sort of camera to use. The pictures from their perspective are a hilarious adventure in and of itself!



Janette Lodermeier
Flight Centre Support

Encourage kids to pack their own carry-on. We use the JetKids travel bag, which makes travelling through the airport with a toddler fun, fast and easy! They can steer it themselves, or you can pull them along when they are tired. The JetKids extra padding turns the airplane seat into a cozy bed for them to sleep. We saw a few families using the less-expensive Trunki version, too.



Christian Dean
Saanich Centre, BC

Among the many tips I tell my client’s who travel with kids, I suggest night flights for any journey five hours or more. Invest in foot pillows for kids 7 and under. And in case you arrive long before check-in, pay for the night prior so you can get to your hotel room right away for a nap or rest.



The best travel MOMents begin here!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, stepmoms, dads like moms, guardians and mom stand-ins – we thank you for all you do.

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