Intrepid Group: Everything to Know About Us

by Daniel Nikulin

Run by travellers, for travellers, Intrepid Group is the world’s largest provider of adventure travel experiences, carrying over 250,000 passengers a year. We’re made up of four brands: Intrepid Travel, Geckos Adventures, Peregrine Adventures and Urban Adventures, which together, offer over 1,000 itineraries on every continent, catering to all ages, budgets and appetites for adventure.

Though each Intrepid Group brand is unique and serves a specific type of traveller, they are all united by shared values which ensure that responsible travel, immersive itineraries, small group sizes and local leaders are at the core of each individual brand.

To gain an understanding of each Intrepid Group brand, check out this video…

Get all that? Let us elaborate a little more.

Intrepid Travel is all about small groups, big adventures. On our trips, travellers eat, sleep and travel the local way. Our local leaders impart knowledge of the destination that challenge even the most thorough guidebook.  With regular departures in over 100 countries, there is something for all adventure-seekers. Whether it’s a trip with limited inclusions or a more comfortable journey, value is a key indicator of any Intrepid trip. Enjoy real life experiences with Intrepid Travel.

Geckos Adventures appeals to the young independent thinker. We’re all about adventure on a budget. For 18 to 30-somethings looking to avoid touristy coach buses, travel with people their own age and have free time, Geckos is for them. Our adventures tread lightly, think locally and make sure they are helping not hindering the places we visit. Geckos is a little edgy and cool, but mostly quirky and fun. We enjoy getting out of the ‘ol comfort zone. Get ready to #Runwild with Geckos Adventures.

Peregrine Adventures is all for premium adventures. For us, that means embracing the spirit of adventure through a more immersive cultural journey. Each Peregrine journey has hand-picked accommodation, small groups, award-winning local guides, added inclusions and travels at a more considered pace. We’re all about quality. For travellers who want immersion and real knowledge about the places they visit, Peregrine is for them. Channel the spirit of adventure with Peregrine Adventures.

Urban Adventures is our brand exclusively for day tours all over the world. We’re all about getting under the skin of a city and getting to know it like a local. In the 100+ cities we visit, we currently have 921 local guides and 557 unique itineraries. Each tour has a group size of 12 and travels responsibly through the places visited. Urban Adventures tours are for those looking to explore their city or uncover a new city for the day. Experience the Best. Day. Ever. with Urban Adventures.

Intrepid Group: inspiring a sense of adventure and discovery in every traveller.


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