Intrepid Travel Launches New Digital Detox Tours

by Crissandra Ayroso

No cameras, no phones – and definitely no camera-phones.

Would you consider going away on your next vacation without your cell phone? If you answered no, so did 47% of participants polled in Intrepid Travel’s most recent study on addiction to technology.

In today’s fast-paced world we can connect with those around us faster and easier than ever, an extraordinary ability that allows technology to work in our favour… when used within reason. If you’re not sure where within reason lies, identify the signs of addiction by asking yourself if you’re guilty of any of these acts:

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In the same study, Intrepid found that

  • 84% of participants say their cell phone is a distraction,
  • 38% have missed out on a life moment because they were busy looking at their phone,
  • and 31% of people admit to being so concerned with getting a good photo that they missed out on experiencing the moment.

While technology has allowed us to achieve online connectedness in ways we couldn’t have imagined 20 years ago, our behaviour has the ability to turn our attention to our screens and viewfinders rather than what’s on the other side of them.

With the objective to connect and capture every moment, it turns out we’re also ironically missing many of them. In light of this revelation, Intrepid have released a handful of tours that are completely tech-free – no cell phones, laptops or cameras – with the purpose to digitally detox, be still, find meaning in your travels, and be present with the world standing in front of you.

Detox India 1

During detox, this means no selfies, no photographs, no wi-fi, and no social media… to offer the perfect opportunity (or excuse) to take a time-out and disconnect with your devices and reconnect with your surroundings. And while the rules can’t be enforced, Intrepid hope that people will choose to participate in this style of trip and see these tours as a worthwhile challenge and experience.

Right now, the Digital Detox Tours are made up of Intrepid’s four most popular tours with one-off departures. So you can mingle with the locals at the Taj Mahal, get up close and personal in the Golden Triangle, connect with your surroundings in Ecuador, and get in touch with your other side in Morocco.


What do you think about travel in the age of technology? No wi-fi, no problem? For more information on Intrepid’s Digital Detox Tours and departure dates, contact a Flight Centre Travel Expert by connecting with us online, calling 1-877-967-5302, or visiting your closest Flight Centre store.

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