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Published on March 20th, 2012 | by Alicia Taggio


It’s our Three Year Blogaversary!

It seems like just yesterday our Flight Centre Canada Blog took flight with our first post, and here we stand three years later with over 460 travel blogs that touch on everything from Adventure travel to travel etiquette, to finding the best food in a particular country.


Our blog has also been an avenue for us to share information in times of crisis when natural disasters took place, and airline disruptions occurred. We also can’t forget all the amazing travel videos we’ve found over the years that have inspired us and our readers to get out and explore our beautiful world. We took a look back at some of our most popular posts and series over the years and thought we would share the Top 5 with you:


1. Set Jetting Around the World– Our Favourite Movie Destinations Around the World

set jetting



3.  Travel Etiquette Series– What to wear, how to eat and many more helpful tips from Adam Barralet



4. Travelling with Children – Tips and Tricks from Parents who Know


A big thank you to those that have contributed to our blog over the years and those that have commented, shared or liked our posts. This blog wouldn’t be living without you, so THANK YOU!

But like any project, a blog is never really complete as it changes and grows over the years. Since this blog is really for you, our readers, we want to know what we can do to improve it going forward. What are some of your favourite features? What do you want to see more of? Feel free to share some of your favourite blogs with us for design inspiration!

Leave a comment below with your feedback and you’ll automatically be entered to win one of three $300 gift cards with Flight Centre. Winners will be selected at random on Friday March 23rd at 4pm EST.



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Alicia Taggio

turned her love of travel into a lifestyle as a digital storyteller. When she's not editing videos or crafting travel stories, you'll most likely find Alicia climbing a mountain somewhere in the world. As one of the co-founders of the #TravelMassive, which is a global initiative to connect people in the travel industry, Alicia is passionate about community and its ability to empower change in the travel industry.

195 Responses to It’s our Three Year Blogaversary!

  1. Cathy says:

    I would love to hear more about travelling with children.
    The more ideas the better!

  2. Gail Butler says:

    Have traveeled through Flight Centre in the past, great company to deal with

  3. I always check flightcentre when traveling, i love the professionalism . Id love to enter the contest.

  4. Gram M says:

    loved the booking flights ; alot of useful tips on questions to ask and what is needed to relax on holidays

  5. This is my first time to your blog. I’ll check it out more. 🙂

  6. Emmawalpole says:

    thank you for the tips and tricks flying with Children, I have been wanting to travel but have been nervous with my 18 month old. Thanks for the tips, i may just get out there and do it!

  7. I love tips and tricks to traveling with children. We travel a fair bit with our toddler but since he’s our first we’re always looking at tips from other veteran family travelers.

  8. I like the advice for parents traveling with children … and I also find the featured destinations helpful as well :)LOVE Flight Centre… always the CHEAPEST 🙂

  9. Set Jetting should extend to TV Shows also.

    Like “Lost” 🙂

  10. sweetkeet says:

    I really like your Travel Etiquette series. I’m always conscious of my behaviour, habits, customs, etc. when I travel but sometimes you just need some good, old-fashioned advice before you take off. I am always concerned about offending (i.e. tipping, eating habits, style/appropriateness of dress, etc.). This part of your blog is amazing! Thank you!

  11. Christina says:

    Great blog! Would love to have some more information on great honeymoon spots that are affordable and a bit out of the ordinary! Thanks!

  12. Sarajk says:

    I love when you show exotic places that you wouldn’t think of visiting instead of the mainstream travel adgent suggestions!

  13. Timprovo says:

    Love the useful tips 🙂

  14. Sarah Newman says:

    Loved the travel etiquette post. How about a post on child-friendly adventure travel? Or, how about how to travel with pets? Tips on travelling with pets?

  15. Lucy says:

    Enjoy the Jetsetting and Travel Etiquette.

  16. Debbie Green says:

    Love reading the tips for traveling they help alot would love to have 300 dollars towards my next trip 🙂 

  17. Van Van A says:

    I have just learned about your blog now and I cannot wAIT to use it to learn more about my  upcoming trip!!!

  18. ANCFraser says:

    Great Tips! Thanks for the awesome ideas….and my kids would love the gift cards!

  19. Sarah says:

    I love any information that might take the traveler to less touristy spots. It’s our fav way to travel!

  20. Alice A says:

    Fantastic blog with great advice for travelers! 🙂 Always a pleasure dealing with Flight Center agents regarding my most expensive hobby; travelling! 🙂 

  21. Christie M says:

    Love any tips or information to do with Hawaii

  22. natalievana says:

    Love your fantastic deals and the great tips you have. Always go to Flight Centre on Robson in YVR to book through Jenn! 

  23. Megan Siegel says:

    I’ve been putting off booking a vacation for months. This could help kick me into gear.

  24. Nikki says:

    Loved, loved, loved the “Movies that Inspire Travel” article! Coincidentally, not actually planned at all, myself & friends have often found ourselves on “movie set” locations, such as when we were in Santorini, Greece,Tuscany and Venice last May… We disocvered it’s actually pretty exciting and fascinating to be where the movies have been, so to speak 🙂 I can now watch “The Tourist” endlessly for example, sighing with contentment at the memories and saying “Hey, I was there!” 🙂

  25. Ayngelina says:

    Surprising ettiquette is always good to know as we often take things for granted, as well as tipping as each country is so different.

  26. Ksilcox says:

    I love all of your tips for traveling with kids.

  27. Cheryl Murphy says:

    Always great tips on lots of subjects…keep up the good work!
    I love to travel!

  28. hlarnould says:

    I find your blog posts interesting and informative and your contests lots of fun.

  29. Danielle Thomson says:

    I love seeing the tips which help out a lot when planning a trip!


  30. T_saddul says:

    You have lots of interesting points in the blog.  Some great advise in the traveling with kids section that I have used and recommended.  Congratulations on your success and many more years to come.

  31. Fuzzy_huh69 says:

    First time learning of your blog! Awesome. Thanks so much for the tips 🙂

  32. Dreema84 says:

    Looking forward to reading more blog posts! Very helpful and interesting reads.

  33. Mona Shah says:

    I love how creative, inspiring and attentive Flight centre is towards us inquisitive travellers! Your blog, deals and wide variety of packages gives us so much to choose and educates us – quite the treat.

  34. Alex K says:

    Love reading about unique travel experiences from around the world.  It’s also great to see beautiful pictures of the locations because they work as inspiration for my own future travel plans!

  35. JK says:

    Happy Blogaversary. Thank you for the cool travel tips.

  36. Bpgaida says:

    Very well laid out. Contains a lot of pertinent info. Thanks for this.

  37. chanteling says:

    What well thought out tips. Thank you for the fantastic giveaway!

  38. Argento2665 says:

    Love the movie location blog!  As a movie fanatic, I always look for spots that were featured in movies when I’m travelling.  I’ve already seen locations in Predator, Swashbuckler, Star Wars, Da Vinci Code, and many movies filmed in Italy.

  39. Veronica says:

    I love any tips to do with food! Places to eat, places to drink, popular places, hidden gems .. etc. I’m from Toronto, where culture is everything … so being able to read about foods from other places is always wonderful.

  40. Gerryb says:

    love the tips! and cant wait to see who wins this crazy draw!

  41. Lostinagreatbook says:

    This is GREAT blog, filled with lots of interesting info and great tips and photos! The travel etiquette is amazing, and I’d love to see more of the photo challenges and personal photos featured – there are some incredible photographers out there!!

  42. Courtney Popik says:

    Love the travel tips! Excellent blog. the gift card would come in handy right now as we are planning a trip for June.

  43. Amber Larson says:

    I love seeing totally different and new spots to travel to that I didn’t even know existed! Love the contests too:)

  44. Mel says:

    I really liked the “Behind the Lens” section of your blog 🙂 It combines two of my absolute favorite things: Photography and Travel!! Wonderful tips and advice for future adventures 🙂 Looking forward to reading more! 🙂

  45. Becky says:

    Thanks for the tips. It’ll make my traveling a lot easier!

  46. Karen Williams says:

    I really enjoyed Joel Pennington’s blog on booking flights: Agents vs. Internet. I realized how much better a vacation I could get with a good agent. Thanks!!

  47. Wanamai says:

    Wsh I knew about your blog earlier. Well, from now on I will spend more time reading on there. It is not too late to start now, is it? 🙂

  48. Catirons says:

    Thank you for your great blog and facebook page! I love hearing about your travel tips as well as the many customer tips too. When deciding on a vacation destination, I check with the Flight Centre blog or facebook first. Thanks for the fantastic tips!

  49. Sbaldwin says:

    Love the blog, but would REALLY love to see Flight Centre Canada have awesome the flash sales like the Flight centre UK has, like $1 + taxes & fees to Australia or South Africa….or anywhere!

  50. baminvan says:

    these tips are always a good reminder

  51. Patricia carberry says:

    Great ideas!!

  52. 52scotland says:

    Am new to the blog but can already say that I love the tips!

  53. Kmarkle says:

    Love all the information provided!! Very useful! 

  54. Mphardes says:

    Love the travel tips!  Awesome

  55. Kathy says:

    awesome job over the years (the tips come in super handy!)

  56. Cory says:

    Great blog! Really enjoyed the Jet Setting, Behind the Lens and Travel Etiquette entries! Very informative!

  57. Cvescio 87 says:

    Great travel trips…wish I could afford to travel more often (the $300 gift card would help!)

  58. Breann Cote says:

    Good blog. Lotsa good tips

  59. Amy says:

    happy anniversary! i’d like to see top 10 lists!

  60. Enjoyluigi says:

    I like it …what else is left to say….but I want travel to Italy…for a long….long time!!!!

  61. julia g says:

    The Travel Etiquette Series is a great idea.

  62. Kathyanne63 says:

    I <3 any and all information I can get on travelling because who knows I could win the lotto one day and put it all to very good use….;)

  63. Maegan says:

    I have never been to your blog before but it seems to be a wealth of information! Looking forward to using it for my trip this spring!

  64. Acesdp7 says:

    I love the info and tips that are shared. A few years ago my husband and I were novice travellers and have really benefited from everything, thanks for all the help and info!

  65. Joyce L says:

    The tips and tricks to getting most of your money was very interesting! 

  66. Erin Dawson says:

    I love the info and tips that are shared. A few years ago my husband and I were novice travellers and have really benefited from everything, thanks for all the help and info!

  67. 82steph says:

    Great tips on travel etiquette.

  68. Rockgal11 says:

    My husband and I have never been down south, we would put it towards a trip – maybe Aruba.

  69. Deanna says:

    Thanks for the great tips! The gift card would help with my upcoming honeymoon! 

  70. swampy says:

    we travel with our granddaughter on occasion so really appreciate all the tips on traveling with children!  also always enjoy any articles that have to do with local food or fav. restaurants!

  71. Nicole B says:

    I love your travel etiquette series and the tips on booking flights! I think a series on authentic, tourist free destinations would be awesome. Keep it up FC!

  72. Amanda De says:

    Travel blogs are great! …
    Congrats on reaching 3 years..
    travelers can always use the help advice
    and Knowledge! …

  73. Thank you for the wonderful blog posts! The travel etiquette series was very enlightening. I would love to see postings on travelling with food allergies / intolerances. It’s always handy to know in advance which establishments are accommodating to this.

    Hoping I win as we are planing a trip to Disney in the fall.

  74. Amanda191 says:

    Congrats on 3 years to my favourite travel company by far! =)

  75. Cathy_748 says:

    Great articles. Would love to see more posts on exotic locations, off the beaten path.

  76. Abby says:

    Looking forward to seeing more ideas and travelling tips.

  77. Dan Contest says:

    All helpful and informative tips….great blog Thanks!!!

  78. manuelvizcaya says:

    great info

  79. Kelter1 says:

    just discovered the blog – great advice for travellers!

  80. Steve P says:


  81. Heidi says:

    The travel etiquette pieces are very interesting – even regarding the places I don’t intend to go!

  82. Jen says:

    What a great variety of posts you offer your readers!!! I love the Flight Centre blog and appreciate the quality and variety of articles. It’s a great way to prepare for an upcoming trip or plan where to go 🙂

  83. Jeremy says:

    The Set Jetting article was one of my favourites too! After watching a movie, there are definitely places I’d love to go! 

  84. Samantha D. says:

    Great tips!  We love booking through Flight Centre because of the great price and service!  The $300 gift card will come in handy!

  85. Maplecarton says:

    I personally love the Behind The Lens Series. I am a photographer and all the tips and information is great! It inspires me to go out into the world and photograph it’s beauty.

  86. Angie says:

    The Lord of the Rings put New Zealand on my list.  Thanks for 3 yrs of blogging and info and here’s to many more!

  87. Andrew says:

    These tips will definitely come in handy when we next travel!!

  88. LeGuyder says:

    I enjoyed your tips with travelling with children.  Air flights were enjoyable not only for us but the other 200 passengers.  Want to make it to NYC this fall to visit my daughter…..$300.00 would help 🙂  Thanks

  89. Ashley Slater says:

    I would love to see more posts about hidden little haunts of places around the world–these are the places I most want to check out myself as I tend to stay away from the ueber-touristy locations!

  90. tektite says:

    Those are really insightful articles!  Cheers.

  91. Ingrid says:

    I love your tips for travelling with kids!  Flight Centre is such a great resource for families looking for all-inclusive vacations.  I’d LOVE a blog post on all inclusive destinations in the Caribbean that have kids clubs for 2 & 3 year olds.   You would be shocked at how difficult they are to find and how few travel agents know anything about them or even know where to find the info.  Keep up the great work Flight Centre, and thanks!

  92. Ken Y says:

    Love the pictures of travel destinations on your blog 🙂

  93. Monkeyincowtown says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your tips! I especially liked the Travelling with children segment. I have a 2 yearr old and 3 year old and to begin travelling with them soon!

  94. zoeSocial says:

    Congrats to you for 3 amazing blog years! Here’s to many more! 🙂

  95. Jennifer says:

    i love reading your blog with all the great travel tips!

  96. Stevejenschulz says:

    this is a great way to get travel ideas

  97. Steve says:

    i love it!

  98. val says:

    great resource for travel ideas!!!

  99. Elle says:

    Congrats on your 3 year anniversary! We’re celebrating an anniversary very soon myself too 🙂 If we win the $300 maybe we can take a trip somewhere exotic to celebrate! We’ve been meaning to go to Peru.

    Btw, loved the tips and tricks to get more value for your money. 

  100. kevin says:

    Keep up the great work. I really enjoy looking through the Community Photos – seeing other places through the eyes of the other travellers – it really helps me picture where my next destination should be.

    Some of my favourite features have included the ones that point out a little hidden gem  or activity in the city or country. Like when I went to Hawaii last, we mostly relaxed on the beaches and went sightseeing. Next time we go back we want to try ziplining and snorkelling in the area.

  101. Gleib says:

    Super Tips! Hope I get to use them someday!

  102. Flymeaway says:

    We’ve never been let down by Flight Centre on any trips we have booked and we always check them out first. $300 would be a great incentive to book another trip with you!!

  103. Jimmy says:

    Congratulations and thanks for the tips

  104. viv123321 says:

    Your travel blogs are always informative.  Keep up the good work!

  105. Cathy Brown says:

    Great tips for new travelers, thanks.

  106. Francine F. says:

    I’d love tips on eating like the locals & avoiding the tourist traps

  107. Priscilla says:

    i like the diversity of the tips, and always love reading about people’s experiences travelling abroad

  108. Ei-Leen Ong says:

    I’d like to see more tips from locals…where they go to eat & shop. I like the cultural parts of a trip & eating in hotels just doesn’t do it for me.

  109. Jenny says:

    Congrats on the 3 years! I would love to see more articles on how to save on travel or places that are not as popular with tourists.

  110. Cheryl says:

    The travelling with kids post interested me most because I have a 2.5 year old son and want to make my travel via plane easy for me and my fellow passengers!

    andrews_cheryl at hotmail dot com

  111. Nicole C says:

    Congrats on your 3 year anniversary!  I loved the behind the lens series.  Keep up the great work.

  112. Jaeger Mah says:

    1). Buy a globe, 
    2). Grab a handkerchief from your dads dresser,
    3). Blindfold yourself and spin the globe,
    4). Count to 5 then engage ‘finger-lock’ positioning,
    5). CALL the homies at your local Flight Centre for the

    My bro just did this, and his finger landed on Hawaii. He’s going in MAY!

    Congrats FlightCentre team. Bon Voyage!

  113. Jess B says:

    Congrats – great site.

  114. Valleriana says:

    Flight Centre is my go to travel agent. Have had many successful vacations with the assisstance of Flight Centre. Happy Three Year Blogaversary!

  115. Claude says:

    The tips provided are useful.  I like the “arrive early to ask about empty seat” idea 

  116. Connie says:

    Like the tips.  So much to learn when travelling

  117. Kate says:

    Happy Blogaversary! I love the travel tips and finding out about less well known, out of the way places. Would love to see more posts about voluntourism, too. I’m saving for a holiday… a $300 gift card would sure help!

  118. Alice says:

    The Travel Etiquette series is excellent.  In more exotic locations, I am at such a loss when it comes to etiquette and what to wear.  Reading up the information helps me in being more confident when going to a new country and minimizes the chances of me offending someone!  Thanks!

  119. Julie Thiessen says:

    Great inspiration for holidays, and always fantastic prices. Hopefully gonna book a holiday in May!!

  120. roz says:

    Great blog…helpful, informative & well done!!! 
    As an “economical” traveller, I am always seeking new incites on how to get the best value & your tips were right on.  Looking forward to more inspiring explorations!!

  121. tkwan23 says:

    i love the travel etiquette helpful!

  122. ayesha says:

    congrats love reading about the travel experiences

  123. Karen Lee says:

    great tips

  124. Sophia says:

    Lots of great travel ideas here!  Would love seeing more features on off-the-beaten-path destinations.

  125. g. leong says:

    congratulations on 3 years  .. great tips..

  126. Evan says:

    Always fond of the travel tips and general etiquette. Thank you for the contest post.

  127. As a foodie who loves to travel, I appreciate all your advice about where and what to eat. Keep up the great work!

  128. Visting NYC – Forget the long time consuming linse up for Empire State Building & Ellis Island. Take a free trip on Staten Island Ferry. Head to Top of the Rock, pre-book ticket to arrive before Sunset, quickly grab a spot on the bench, and wait. Enjoy the Daylight view and then watch the city’s night lights twinkle on – Magnificent panoramic view and ESB is in your photos. 

  129. Michelle Gray says:

    Wonderful tips! I especially loved the jet-setting around the world. I often see landscapes during movies and I wish I knew where the film was shot.

    I’m only 23, but I’m sure the traveling with children tips will become useful someday soon. I am finishing up my undergrad this April and the $300 would go a long way to book a much needed and congratulatory vacation for myself with my friends.

  130. Laura says:

    Thanks for the great tips!

  131. Teeth1971 says:

    Happy Blogaversary! Thanks for the ongoing tips…I especially like the Travel Etiquette Series 🙂 

  132. deb says:

    Congrats on the anniversary!  I enjoy all the travel tips

  133. Norm Cole says:

    Thanks for the contest.

  134. Tara B says:

    Simply amazing how time flies flight centre! Congratualtions to you!

  135. Karen Larson says:

    Congrtulations! Keep up the good work. A great ste or travel tips!

  136. Josie says:

    Congratulations! Thanks for the great tips and the great blog!

  137. love your blog section!

  138. blessedta says:


  139. AdamT says:

    Congratulations on your 3rd year!  Keep up the great tips!

    All travelers need these blogs for their research!

  140. Dreena says:

    Great tips and advice for the traveller!

  141. Cheryl Imayoshi says:

    Awesome tips and a great contest! Flight Centre gets the best deals too!

  142. mattsaunders77 says:

    Great articles.  I’ll come here next time I decide on an exotic destination.

  143. thealces says:

    I find the tips very useful.

  144. sushimon says:

    Happy 3rd Birthday!

  145. Grace ARNASON says:

    Congratulations on your 3rd anniversary, I so appreciate all the valuable travel info. and advice that you give; very helpful indeed.  God bless you all!

  146. wwrk says:

    Congrattulations on your 3 year anniversary

  147. archy0050 says:

    The traveling with children info was so helpful when we flew across Canada with our son and then later Cuba. Some really great tips!

  148. mickey53 says:

    love those tips

  149. Kim says:

    Great blog! Thanks for all the great tips 🙂

  150. Hamsup82 says:

    I really love the multiple stores you have to offer.  The staff is friendly even if you are just browsing the brochures.  I would love to see more sales. 

    Congrats on the blogaversary.  🙂

  151. Glenda gall says:

    What a nice way to say thank you.

  152. jen s. says:

    congrats!  i appreciate reading about current discounts and tips on saving money while travelling, as well as learning about new travel accessories/gadgets

  153. JEREMY C says:


  154. Ryan B says:

    Used flightcentre to go to St. John’s and it was a pleasant experience.

  155. ZAK says:

    Definitely a great reference for any type of trip.

  156. Martin H says:

    great hook me up!

  157. Sonny Partaub says:

    Congrats on 3 years…quite a feat these days….!

  158. ariel says:

    Congrats! Thanks for all the wonderful tips! 

  159. Rob Buchanan says:

    Love it and congratulations!!

  160. Sonny Partaub says:

    Great stuff!!

  161. Rebby says:

    Congrats on your Blogaversary!!  And thanks for the FAB tips, I’ll be sure to use some of them!  Cheers!

  162. LisaH says:

    Love the travel videos – almost as good as being there. 🙂

  163. Nicole says:

    Flight Centre was there for me when I booked my first flight to Kenya and I haven’t looked back since!  I can always count on you guys for the most up to date information and best deals!!  Thanks for these awesome tips!!

  164. Julie Partaub says:

    Congrats on your three year anniversary!!!

  165. Heather Caithness says:

    Congrats and thanks for all the good tips.

  166. Rick Roussel says:

    great blogs  3 year way to go.

  167. Kaylee Rae says:

    Congrats! Thanks for the travel tips.

  168. Liz says:

    yeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww !!!!!!!

  169. Jennifer R says:

    Congratulations on three years!  I really enjoy looking at the photos of different locations and getting great travel tips.  Thank you!

  170. sueplay says:

    I like the travel tips so keep those up

  171. Arash naghdi says:

    I’ve used Flight Center for 4 different flights now, they provide superb service and competitive pricing,  keep up the good work!

  172. Kassie_m31 says:

    Awesome! thanks for the great tips!

  173. Chris Wray says:

    Congratulations and many thanks for all the useful tips.

  174. Lindsay Ball says:

    I feel like you don’t need to improve anything.  I’ve gone though alot of your blogs and think they’re incredibly informative and fun.  I also agree that one of my top 5 is the ‘Travelling with Children – Tips and Tricks from Parents who Know’  Since having our daughter my husband and I have been nervous about even the thought of travel with a child but reading that blog has eased the nervousness and now we look forward to planning and going on a family vacation 🙂

  175. Emily B. says:

    Congrats! Happy 3 year anniversary. I like the tips for travelling with kids the best. We have a 13 month old daughter and it seems like every trip brings new challenges as she ages.

  176. Kam says:

    Happy anniversary!

  177. gwennyk says:

    I like the tips, but was it safe for those kids to be riding on the luggage cart as they were?

  178. lynn clayton says:

    love flight center this is where i book my travel

  179. There isn’t too much to improve, just keep providing more great travel tips

  180. canuck says:

    Keep up the good work!

  181. sharpey says:

    great vacation tips, love the site, flight centre RULES!!!!

  182. Will Poon says:

    Great advice Flight Centre!

  183. Kelly says:

    Great tips !!!

  184. Niahm says:

    Congratulations! What a diverse, well-planned list of blogs.

  185. Emilia Turner says:

    I read the blog about booking flights. I am getting better at booking flights online, however, I still like to pop into the local Tavel agent and ask about deals and packages. It is true agents know about the big cities and airports such as Paris, London. I love Traveling to London, cos there are so many options, and ground transportation. Also, when booking online in different cities it would be handy to have a printer, that was a big issue for me. Finding a place to print my eticket. Happy travels

  186. Andras59 says:

    You have the greatest deals and some wonderful tips!

  187. Joe says:

    love the tips and a gift card would come in so handy

  188. Amelia Simpson says:

    Flight Centre, this blog inspires me to travel to places i’ve never been before. Thanks, Amelia

  189. Shaunique says:

    Movies definetly are where most of my travel inspiration comes from. That post hit the nail on the head for me! Two thumbs up

  190. Three years!! Wow! Now that is something to be proud of!

  191. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says:

    Congrats!!! We like your site for travel ideas – fingers crossed you pick us

  192. Jodiemclaughlan says:

    have booked all my flights/holidays through flight center, they do such a great job to accommodate all my needs and wants. thumbs up 🙂

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