Learning to Reset in Belize

by Kristen Sarah

Picture yourself swinging in a hammock under a ceiling of palm trees blowing in the wind. The warm ocean breeze brushes across your body adding to the serenity of your surroundings. The smell of salt and sunscreen flood your nose and your body feels lighter, your mind quieter and skin brighter. Where are you exactly? Paradise! Otherwise known as the Reset Retreat in Belize.

Reset Retreat is a haven and place of growth for women of all ages, backgrounds and stages in their lives set in beautiful places around the world. A group of women entrepreneurs established Reset Retreat shortly after meeting on holiday and instantly connected. They each had two very important things in common: a thirst for exploring this beautiful planet and the need to create a sanctuary where women can relax, decompress, learn and grow.

Belize Fresh Coconut

I had the opportunity to be part of the first Reset Retreat on Ambergris Caye in Belize this past February and never expected it to make such a positive impact on my life the way it has. From the incredible positive and loving energy received from the staff and other participants to the minor attention to details, everything about this retreat is worth raving about. I can’t recommend this retreat enough to any women out there looking for a unique experience for their next vacation. The following is what you can expect on your Reset Retreat:


Yoga Retreat in Belize

Each day starts and ends with a group yoga session lead by a certified yoga instructor whose goal is to keep you balanced and rejuvenated. If you feel like taking your yoga practice to the next level, there is also opportunity to schedule some private sessions during your down time.

Nutrition and Detox Plans

Reset Retreat Belize Morning Smoothie

A healthy diet is vital for a healthy lifestyle. You will start each morning with a pre-yoga smoothie made from fresh local produce followed by healthy lunch and dinner options. The retreat also offers one-on-one nutrition consultation; detox programs and meal planning with a certified holistic nutritionist.

Group and Individual Coaching Sessions

Reset Retreat Founders

Life is full of transformations that each and every one of us must go through. No matter which stage you are in your life being able to share your thoughts and feelings with other females is a beautiful and refreshing experience. Reset Retreat includes daily group sessions as part of the itinerary along with a one-hour private session with a certified life coach. The life coaching program has been developed to include a personality assessment to expose a persons’ natural tendencies and patterns to help break personal boundaries, conquer obstacles and maximize potential to reset perspective.

Get Pampered

Reset Retreat Belize Massage

There are several ways to get rid of the stress that piles up in our day-to-day lives. One way is through massage. Massage is not an indulgence, it’s a necessity that will make a tremendous different in your fluidity and energy levels. Reset Retreat spa services also include manicures and pedicures. After all, you deserve it!


Stand Up Paddling Boarding Belize

At Reset Retreat, not only does the team believe in focusing your energy inward, but also outward. This is why adventure is also a big part of the program! Each activity is designed to evoke excitement, positivity, group bonding and cultural immersion. This is your time to let loose, laugh and really live in the moment. After all, you will be in a beautiful surrounding, as that is also a must for each Reset Retreat.

Giving Back

Reset Retreat Belize Volunteering

It’s very important to spend time working on yourself, but its equally important to spend time giving love and energy to others. As part of your Reset Retreat itinerary, you will get a chance to practice compassion and selflessness by giving back to the community.

To experience your own Reset Retreat, find out when the next retreat is and book your flight with one of the Flight Centre Travel Experts. No matter who you are or where you’re from, every one needs a Reset Retreat once in a while. You deserve it!


“The most profound experience from this retreat was to meet all these unique women on the first day and to know nothing about them but their name and over the course of the week be able to see them open up and completely blossom. To have perfect strangers meet for the first time and by the end of seven days build relationships so strong it is as if we have all known each other for years.” – Rachelle

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