Music and travel fans, take note! Exclusive Alan Cross music tour in London UK this May.

by Alyssa Daniells

‘London Calling’ all music fans! Get ready to be as excited as we are (hint: that’s a lot) when music guru Alan Cross is your VIP host on a week-long London music tour. Enjoy this up close and personal opportunity with Alan over eight days, where his intoxicating stories will flow like an English pub draught! Reserve your spot by Monday, March 5! To get a taste of what to expect, read on and rock on.

alan-cross-ongoing-history-of-new-music-poses-with-writerAn evening with Alan Cross

Interesting things can happen in a London recording studio.

You could be served proper English tea by a Led Zeppelin legend. Or, sandwiched between two Davids (whose surnames just happen to be Bowie and Grohl.)

Sounds like a trip, right? Well actually, it is. These stories are just a fraction of what you can expect to hear during a trip no music fan should miss— Flight Centre’s exclusive London Rocks Tour with Alan Cross.

Oh, and fascinating things can also happen at the Toronto Travel Centre.

The downtown event space, which houses a Flight Centre travel agency at King and Spadina, set the stage for an unforgettable evening. The honoured guest speaker? None other than music history guru and Canadian personality, Alan Cross.

Although a promotion for his upcoming tour in May, Alan’s down-to-earth personality and devoted passion created a vibe that felt more like an intimate gathering of friends.

This May 11 to 19, join our VIP host Alan Cross as he leads a small group to significant musical landmarks in a city that revolutionized countless scenes. This rare and in-depth look at London’s groundbreaking music history will be interspersed with the captivating stories that only the nonpareil Cross can deliver.

Listening to one of my music heroes talk about his was an enticing glimpse of what to expect on tour.

And yes, there’s still room on it for you, too.

Incidentally, our Groups Travel team secured the pricing this unforgettable tour before the royal engagement was announced, making it the lowest pries you’ll find on the market to London at this time. The wedding takes place right after the tour ends. (Coincidence? We think not! Clearly the Royals heard Cross and his group would be in town and set their date accordingly.)

Cross on cellophane, chlorophyll and Courtney…


Those were among the colourful and spontaneous topics covered in the incredibly full and fulfilling hour we spent with Alan at the Travel Centre.

But as Alan would say, “more on that, in a moment.”

The casual and captivating setting allowed Alan to regale us with anecdotes about his musical escapades in London (incidentally, the Zeppelin band member who graciously made Alan a cup of tea, prepared just so, was John Paul Jones). The incredible collection of narratives we were treated to is as robust as his collection of music itself, and as we listened to his every word, he brought out select prized music collectibles. Keeping with the theme of the music tour, these were all English-themed.

I’m talking David Bowie memorabilia, signed by Ziggy Stardust himself, and that was after sitting down to chat with Alan Cross, who of course has more stories in store about that interview.

alan-cross-music tour- may-in-london-showing-memorabilia-at-toronto-travel-centre

Alan passed around quirky items like an Oasis-dedicated Frustration board game, to Animals, the famous Pink Floyd concept album featuring the Battersea Power Station on its cover (which will be part of the tour in May.)

In a particularly heartwarming moment, Alan pulled out a rare and coveted Sex Pistols LP, an original recording from Lesser Free Trade Hall, where future members of Joy Division, Pet Shop Boys, Tony Wilson and other future notables were in attendance. Now, here’s where the cellophane comes in. Alan opened the shrink-wrapped, meticulously kept album, for us all to hear for the first time, himself included. Wow. I can’t even imagine what other surprises Alan would have up his sleeve (no pun intended) during the tour, given the fact he freely tore off the cellophane on that record sleeve for us (he also mentioned it’s good to remove it from albums, FYI.) I could wax poetic all day about this sharing of his record, but I’ll stop myself in my tracks now.

“He who dies with the most stories, wins.”

This for me was the quote of the night, and words that Alan Cross lives by (and yeah, I suppose expects to die by, too.)

As he entertained and enlightened both music and travel aficionados, he mentioned he was expecting a call for Courtney Love, which went into yet another beguiling story about how his friendship with her grew. I’ll cut to the chase, it ended with her pushing a handful of pills into his palm. Before you slap your palm to forehead with an, “Oh, Courtney!” let me reassure you—they were chlorophyll supplements.

But I suggest you ask Alan himself for the hilarious details of that story.

Alan Cross is a true Canadian treasure, with an indelible impact on so many fans on the global stage. I have no doubt that this exclusive and unique tour will be a memory you will treasure, too.

Only days left for you to reserve your spot! Experience London’s famous music scenes for an up close and personal look that only Cross can provide. Call Flight Centre Groups at 1 866 940 0209 or email

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