A Photo Finish at the #FCLovesLondon Ticket Race

by Emma Hackwood

Toronto residents raced across the city, for a chance to fly across the pond.

Our recent ‘We Love London Ticket Race’ (also known as #FCLovesLondon on Social Media) was the perfect way to celebrate our 20th Anniversary, as well as our Love for London travel. We gave away 20 tickets to London to 10 lucky (and very competitive) contestants in a social media scavenger hunt that took place throughout the city of Toronto.

William and Kate Flight Centre

With 9 strategically chosen stops in the city of Toronto, contestants were asked to find iconic, London-themed landmarks by tuning into Flight Centre Canada’s Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Clues were revealed every hour on Social Media that hinted at where our teams were hiding along with a secret password. The first person to find us, step on the red mat in front our our Captain, and shout out the password, would receive two tickets to London!

LondonTicketRace - Royal Alexandra Theatre

For participants that made it just a little too late to the check-point, a boarding pass was up for grabs that granted them access to an after-party and a ballot in the draw for the Grand Prize which included two flights to London, along with 4 nights accommodation.

After party photos in London

The first clue was released at 9:00am, and the intensity of the hunt grew quickly as more and more Torontonians began to compete for a chance to fly to London with Air Canada!

A big thanks to everyone that participated in the discussion online; we ended up trending on Twitter in Toronto, and Canada-wide!

Queen Elizabeth and Austin Powers costumes

To catch-up on all the fun, you can check out our Ticket Race page. Congratulations to all the winners, and a big thank you to everyone who participated in the event on the day.

For more information on travelling to London, contact one of our London Travel Agents or browse our London travel deals online.