Lynne’s Highlights of Europe with Contiki

by Emma Hackwood

Flight Centre’s Lynne Marshall recently travelled with Contiki Holidays through Europe. From budget accommodations to higher end properties, she shares some of her highlights with us:

I had an amazing week filled with multiple levels of Contiki product, from the budget options such as concept properties like the Contiki Chateau in the Beaujelais Region of France, to superior priorities such as the Business Hotel nestled in the hills overlooking Lucerne, Switzerland:

Chateau du Fontager in Burgundy

Wine Tasting

Our first night was spent in a Contiki Chateau- Chateau du Fontager. It was a charming secluded castle with beautiful gardens; covered in ivy and nestled deep in the trees beside a pool and courtyard area; it was an amazing start to our journey!

Wine Tasting in Beaujelais 

On our second day we were taken for a wine tasting on the family vineyard after our walk to picnic at the “top of the World”. This day was amazing! Breathtaking views, lots of laughs and of course some wonderful wine!

Lucerne, Switzerland

Our first day in Switzerland was a treat. First we arrived in Geneva to meet with the people of Travelcorp, where we had an interesting and informative look at the services and support provided by this office. Next we were taken on another special treat not usually included on a Contiki Tour, which was the Callier Chocolate factory located in Canton Savoy. Switzerland was just as beautiful to taste as it was to see! Lucerne was my absolute favourite city throughout the week; it was absolutely lovely, with old bridges, flowers, and streets with a picturesque backdrop for pictures of the lake and river it lined.


Mount Pilatus

The 7000ft peak would have been stunning if not for the fog, but the worlds steepest cog rail train up was the exciting part; it allowed us glimpses of the plethora of cows with their cowbells, Swiss hikers and the stunning scenery. Our day continued full of yodelling, cruising around Lake Lucerne and the breathtaking Lion Monument made for a fun filled day that will never be forgotten.


Munich’s Beer Halls

We became familiar with Munich via Bike tour, a fun and informative way to view the many parks, beer halls and sights of this bustling city. The parks were filled with citizens enjoying the beauty and open air. The beer halls were full as we arrived for dinner to view the shows and learn to Prost our beer after beer in true German style. Not only was the Hofbräuhaus beautiful, filled with ornate paintings, but it was full of history as well; such as the structures where years ago Adolph Hitler used to give his speeches.

My first European Adventure with my fellow Flighties and Contiki was a great experience for me. I have now made a great group of new friends and have a great understanding of the Contiki process. I’m looking forward to my next Flight Centre trip and Crossing more destinations of my bucket list!

Want to learn more about Europe with Contiki? Lynne Marshall is an International Travel Consultant at our Market Mall location in Calgary, Alberta and can be reached by E-mail or by calling 1-866-295-4405.

Burgundy, France has been highlighted on the Flight Centre map

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