Meet the Cruise Expert: Willow Doran

by Emma Hackwood

Waking up in a new place every morning was the dream for our Cruise Expert Willow Doran. Her most memorable and most recent cruise was to Alaska where she got to live the dream and more. Here she shares a few tips that have made her the Cruise Expert that she is today:

How many cruises have you been on to date?


What is your favourite cruise line and why?

I really enjoy Celebrity Cruises, they have the best food! It’s not surprising Celebrity Cruises were voted the World’s Best Cruise Lines by Condé Nast Traveler.

5 girls on a cruise balcony

What is your favourite thing about cruising?

I love how relaxing it is to be on board a ship without the feeling that you need to be doing activities and seeing the sights. I also love waking up in a different place every morning without having to unpack and repack.

girl on an Alaskan cruiseWhat was your most memorable cruising experience/trip and why?

I went on a Holland America Line cruise to Alaska with my mom a few years ago and we were lucky enough to see whales in Glacier Bay! It was the most beautiful experience I will never forget.

What cruise destinations would you recommend for 2016 and why?

I love the Holland America Line Panama Canal cruise sailing from Vancouver to Fort Lauderdale. It’s on October 4th this year and gives incredible value for a 19-night holiday. You get to see so much of Mexico as well as the Caribbean, just as the seasons change.

What is your top cruise tip?

Always arrive into your departure city the night before your cruise starts. Arriving on the same day as your ship leaves port is super stressful and starts your trip off feeling rushed and hectic. There is also a huge margin for error that can result in missing your vacation like a flight delay for example. Arriving the day before makes the whole experience more enjoyable and you’ll be thankful you did it.