Meet the Australia Expert: Heather Dunmore

by Emma Hackwood

When she lived by the iconic road trip route along the Great Ocean Road along the south eastern coast of Australia, it was the start of Australia Expert Heather Dunmore‘s love of this great nation Down Under and the open road. It’s no surprise that she would eventually embark on a month-long camper van trip from Sydney to Cairns with some friends to explore parts of the coast that some of the locals might not have even experienced. Here she shares her story and her expert travel tips for travelling Australia:

Heather in Sydney Australia1. How many times have you visited Australia?

I’ve visited once and lived there for two years.


2. What makes you an expert in Australia?

Not only did I live there for two years, but I travelled and worked extensively while I was there. I’ve probably seen more than most Australians!


3. What is your favourite city in Australia?



4. What surprised you the most about Australia?

That it is a primarily English speaking country and most people don’t speak any other language at all. There is also not a lot of multiculturalism.


5. What made you fall in love with Australia?

Living on the Great Ocean Road for the first six months of my trip was the start of my love affair with Australia.


6. What’s your favourite memory about Australia?

Road-tripping from Sydney to Cairns with a group of friends for one month. We rented a wicked camper van and stopped in as many places as possible along the way!

heather on fraser island


7. What are your top 3 Australia tips that you would give a client travelling there?

Tip 1. Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef

Tip 2. Drive the Great Ocean Road and make sure to stop in Otway National Park and see the koalas

Tip 3. Make sure to explore Melbourne, there is such great coffee and art culture there! Melbourne’s laneways have increasingly become spaces for artistic expression. There is constantly-changing graffiti in Hosier Lane. Cocker Alley features work by popular street artist Banksy.


8. Why do you think it’s important for people to visit Australia?

I think it’s important because of how diverse the landscape can be even within just a couple hours of driving. If you have the time, it’s an amazing place to road trip. It’s backpacker and traveller-friendly because of how easy it is to get around, which makes it the perfect place for first-time backpackers.


9. What things would you recommend someone pack for a trip to Australia?

Clothes for both cold and hot weather, a rain jacket, water shoes, good hiking shoes, and sunscreen!


Looking for more information from an expert on travelling to Australia? You can connect with Heather online, visit her in-store, or call 1-866-275-1150.