Meet the Australia Expert: Stephanie Ascah

by Emma Hackwood
australia expert with a kangaroo

From beach towns and city stays, night life and hot spots, to nearby vineyards and craft breweries, our Flightie knows the land Down Under and inside out. Meet the Australia Expert, Stephanie Ascah:

1. How many times have you visited Australia?

5 times and counting!

Stephanie Ascah Australia Expert 3

2. What makes you an expert in Australia?

I’ve been to Australia multiple times including a four-month stay when I took a bus down the east coast from Cairns to Melbourne. I also have family in central Adelaide whom I try to visit as often as possible. I’ve had the opportunity to explore a lot of this beautiful country and come back with many travel tips!

3. What is your favourite city in Australia?

My favourite city is always a toss up between Sydney and Adelaide. Adelaide holds a place in my heart because I have family there. The arts scene in Adelaide is a lot of fun, I love to visit the galleries and museums when I’m there. Adelaide also has great food, great night life, and is surrounded by awesome wine regions. Comparatively, Sydney is a completely different experience! It’s one of the only other cities in the world that I’ve truly felt I could live in. It’s massive, multicultural, and exciting. The food and drink is always good, the close proximity to world class beaches can’t be beat, and the locals are so great. I love spending time there.

Stephanie Ascah Australia Expert

4. What surprised you the most about Australia?

My first experience with driving cars on the other side of the road! It’s one thing to be aware of opposite thinking while driving, but it’s a whole other beast to live it for the first time. Training myself to look the other way before crossing the street was an amusing ordeal, as well as remembering that the driver’s door is on the other side of the car – something I remembered when I hailed a taxi and tried to enter through the driver’s side.

5. What made you fall in love with Australia?

So many things. I love the wildlife, it’s incredible! I love the people, food, nightlife, and culture. It’s such a fun country. The cities are beautiful and the natural landscapes are stunning. It’s so diverse… from the Barrier Reef to Uluru, there’s so many different things to see!

Stephanie Ascah Australia Expert 2

6. What’s your favourite memory about Australia?

My favourite memories about Australia are always the ones that involve taking on the town with my sister! Be it shopping the Adelaide Central Market or going out for beers and wine in the evening, Adelaide is an easy city to spend a week in!

7. What are your top 3 Australia tips that you would give a client travelling there?

  1. Give yourself enough time, at least two weeks if possible, to experience as much of the country as you can.
  2. Bring lots of sunscreen (even if you don’t usually burn in Canada, the sun is seriously intense in Australia).
  3. Do at least one vineyard tour (the wine in Australia is pretty impressive, and you can usually get your hands on a LOT of samples when you do a tour)!

Stephanie Ascah Australia Expert 4

8. Why do you think it’s important for people to visit Australia?

Between the iconic cities, beautiful landscapes, and indigenous animals, there is nowhere as unique as this continent anywhere in the world. It’s important that you see it for yourself!

9. What things would you recommend someone pack for a trip to Australia?

Pack a pair of flip-flops and a pair of walking shoes to cover all your bases, as well as more sunscreen than you think you’ll need, and a good camera. But leave enough room in your bag to bring home a stash of Tim Tams.




Ready to shake things up and head Down Under? Now’s the best time to book! You can connect with Stephanie online, visit her in-store, or call 1-866-299-5616. 

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