Meet the Disney Expert: Stephanie Coomber

by Emma Hackwood
disneyland entrance at night

It’s one of the most magical, happiest places on earth and one of Disney Expert Stephanie Coomber‘s favourite places on the planet. Disneyland, Disney World, Disney you, Stephanie shares her expert tips and wise Walt Disney-isms.

1. How many times have you visited a Disney Resort?

5. Three times to Disneyland California and twice to Disney World Florida.

2. What makes you an expert in Disney?

Passion for the destination! I have been a fan of all things Disney my whole life. When I visit the park, I always notice or learn something new. Whether that’s a feature on a ride I’d never seen before, a hidden a restaurant I’d always passed by, or a ride that’d been recently refurbished that I’d had the chance to test out like it was new. And each time I make a new discovery, my knowledge grows, and this is what sets me apart as an expert.

Stephanie Coomber Castle 60th

3. What is your favourite attraction at a Disney Park?

The Little Mermaid ride at Disneyland, Ariel’s Undersea Adventure! It’s a Disney classic, full of music, lights, animatronics and you get to sit in seashells – what’s not to love!

4. What surprised you the most about Disney Parks?

How much thought goes into every single ride. From the forced perspective, to the light perfumes and scents, to the character dialogue, Disney’s thoughtful layers designed with ‘imagineering’ peel back like an onion, one at a time, to create the best, authentic, unforgettable experience.

Stephanie Coomber-Haunted Mansion at Christmas

5. What made you fall in love with Disney Parks?

Walt Disney once said that the parks will “continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.” With no shortage of imagination, Disney parks continue to be one of the most popular places to travel. New rides and new concepts continue to keep each park feeling like new again and with that excitement it’s easy to fall in love with this happy, magical place time and time again.

6. What’s your most magical Disney Parks memory?

When I visited Disneyland in December 2015 during its Diamond Celebration and celebrated its 60th birthday. It was extra special because the park was decorated for the holidays, Christmas music played throughout it, and the streets and attractions were decked out with Diamond decor. It certainly got me into the holiday spirit!

7. What are your top 3 Disney Parks tips that you would give a client travelling there?

  1. Visit the parks during the early days of the week, like from Monday to Wednesday, to avoid long line ups.
  2. Bring your own pen for autographs! I forgot mine one time, asked a princess to borrow hers, and the princess remarked that she’d have nowhere to keep such a thing in her gown!
  3. Stay at one of the resorts on site. Resort guests get special perks, like Extra Magic Hour, to enjoy the parks for an extra hour before and after hours; exclusive Disney-themed activities organized in the hotel lobby; as well as convenient souvenir delivery to your hotel room so you don’t have to carry them around with you. These are all nice-to-haves that will make your trip go from good to great.


8. Why do you think it’s important for people to visit a Disney Park?

Walt Disney said it best, “Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age and dreams are forever.” ‘Nuff said.

9. What things would you recommend someone pack for a trip to a Disney Park?

  1. Layers. Mornings can be cool and afternoons can be quite warm in Southern California, so make sure you have the option to take off and put on layers throughout your day.
  2. Water bottle. Save money by bringing your own refillable water bottle. Water fountains are available all throughout the park for your convenience.
  3. Comfortable shoes. Your feet will thank you.

Looking for more information on travelling to Disneyland and Disney World from a Disney Travel Expert? You can connect with Stephanie online, visit her in-store, or call 1-866-945-5080.

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