Meet the London Expert: Taylor McCutchen

by Emma Hackwood

From the markets to ‘chippies’ to museums, Taylor McCutchen is a London Expert. Here she shares her experience in London and top travel tips after more than a dozen visits to the Big Smoke:


1. How many times have you visited London?

Over a dozen. I have done seven separate trips to London and I used to live in Leicester, which is about 160 km outside of London. While I lived in Leicester, I visited London almost every weekend.

Taylor Mccutchen 1

2. What makes you an expert in London?

I did my masters of museum studies in England and lived in London so that I could explore all of the museums and boroughs. I loved exploring the city, spending time with friends, picnicking in the parks, biking around the city, and trying new restaurants.

3. What is your favourite neighbourhood in London?

South Kensington.

4. What surprised you the most about London?

The food – it’s not all just pub food! They have some of the most diverse cuisine in the world.

Taylor Mccutchen 3

5. What made you fall in love with London?

The markets. They’re everywhere! Antiques, clothes, food, cheap socks, books, flowers, the list never ends!

Taylor Mccutchen 4

6. What’s your favourite memory about London?

Visiting Columbia Road Flower market on Sunday mornings to buy fresh flowers, having a cup of tea, and listening to the street performers.

7. What are your top 3 London tips that you would give a client travelling there?

  1. All of the national museums are free – if nothing else they are a great place to get out of the rain!
  2. Go to a chippies for fish and chips. Get take-out and eat in one of the many parks.
  3. If you are only travelling one or two stops in the Underground, check the distance first. The stops are really close together downtown, plus you’ll see a lot more by walking around!

Taylor Mccutchen 2

8. Why do you think it’s important for people to visit London?

London has so much history, culture, and so much to offer – there is nowhere else like it. There are museums of almost everything: the history of London, great British people and great Americans, fictional characters, medical histories, architecture, dinosaurs, and of course, world-renowned art galleries. You can go to a show in the West End, see a ballet in Covent Garden, or a rugby or football match.

9. What things would you recommend someone pack for a trip to London?

A power adapter and lots of space in your suitcase to do some shopping on Oxford Street.

Taylor Mccutchen 5





Looking for more information from an expert on travelling to London? You can connect with Taylor online, visit her in-store, or call 1-855-791-3578.


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