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Published on October 24th, 2016 | by Emma Hackwood


Meet the Tours Expert: Vicky Young

Travel is one of the few things you can buy that makes you richer. Take it from someone who’s been on more than 20 group tours around the world and has brought back more than one could fit in a suitcase. Meet Vicky Young, our Tours Expert:


1. How many times have you been on an organized tour?

More than 20.

2. How many countries have you visited (total) while on an organized tour?


Vicky on Safari

3. What makes travelling on a tour better than doing it on your own?

I find travel is more of an enriching experience shared amongst other people. I have made great friends with people all over the world and when I look back at the pictures I think fondly of the moments together. It’s so great to go on a group tour and have all of the logistics sorted out so that you can sit back and enjoy the destination.

4. What is the most common misconception about organized tours?

The most common misconception is that tours are super regimented and group sizes are always large and crowded. They’re not! Most tours have so much free time that you have the option to wander around at your own pace, or sign up for an extra tour to get the very most out of your trip. Group sizes vary; you can be the only traveller in a group of one (it happens!), or you can be one traveller in a group of 35.

Vicky learning about Buddha at his birthplace Lumbini

5. What surprised you the most about touring?

The close friends I made on tour with my travel mates in such a short time.

6. What’s your favourite tour company and why?

G Adventures. I love the G philosophy, the enthusiasm the tour leaders have for the countries we visit, and the pride they have for the company they’re representing. Bruce Poon Tip, the founder of G Adventures and its eco foundation Planeterra, is a huge inspiration.

Vicky dressed up with our family in the Colca Canyon, Peru

7. What are your top 3 tips for a client about to experience their first guided tour?

Be open minded, take the opportunity to really talk with the locals that you will be introduced to, and eat everything!!!!

8. What’s your favourite travel memory from a tour you’ve taken?

There are so many!

Celebrating Khmer New Year in Phnom Penh, crashing a wedding in India, snorkelling with a whale shark in the Galapagos, glimpsing at Machu Picchu for the first time, hot air ballooning over Cappadocia, seeing a baby elephant nursing in the Serengeti, watching the sunset on the Taj Mahal, Christmas at Uluru with new friends…

Vicky and group on Taj Tuesday

9. What made you fall in love with touring?

They say that travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer. I couldn’t agree with this any more. My life has been enriched by people I’ve met along the way on my journeys because of group tours. I couldn’t imagine looking back on my past experiences without remembering some of the best highlights of my tours – including the leaders, guides, my companions, and of course the locals I’ve met along the way. Touring is one of my favourite ways to travel.



Ready to experience your next journey on a group tour? For more information, you can connect with Vicky online, visit her in-store, or call 1-866-772-2011.


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