Meeting People on the Road

by Emma Hackwood

BrianMacDonald1Some people travel to get away or experience something new and for Brian MacDonald, this was no different. But there is one thing that has stood out to him the most along his travels and that is the people he has met on the road. Brian shares with us how travel has changed him and how the people he’s met along the way have affected him:

I just recently went on a trip to Cuba with one of my best friends and it’s helped me put a whole new perspective on life. We have been friends for over fifteen years and have never really travelled together outside of cottage country in Ontario.  I moved away from Ontario almost ten years ago after graduation from International Business in Peterborough Ontario.  That course changed my life and sparked the travel bug within me.

I had the privilege of going on a class trip to Europe for one month visiting 10 countries and then I got to spend a semester in Mexico on a school exchange program.  After all this I was a changed man and knew the world was my oyster and I needed to continue my journey.  So I moved to Whistler, BC for the summer and ended up living there for 4 years.  Over my years, I had the opportunity to meet hundreds of people from all over the world with the same burning desire to see what else is out there in life.

After my time in Whistler, I moved to Calgary, AB and joined one of the best companies for a man in my travel shoes, and that company is Flight Centre.  I get the opportunity to learn about exciting destinations everyday, work with staff that have traveled all over the world, and pass on my knowledge to new travellers and help them plan life-changing experience of their own.

Travelling allows you to see new places, eats new foods, and partake in new activities that are not always offered where you live.  But one of my favorite parts of travelling are the people you meet, and the friends you travel with. Whether you’re travelling in a big group or by yourself, you run into some of the most interesting people and go through some of the most life-changing experiences.

You could be sitting in a hostel exchanging travel stories and local tips over a beer with a total stranger or driving a 77 caprice classic with no seat belts and a broken reverse gear stuffed with surf boards in Mexico with a couple of Brit’s you just meet a few days ago.

These are the type of life changing experiences I’m talking about.  It’s like you have saved each others life and will share that bond together forever no matter where you end up.  I have couches to crash on all over the world and my door is also open to so many people I have meet along the way.

I am really happy I had the chance to finally travel with one of my best friends to Cuba.  After having our first “Hemming Way” (best frozen cocktail out there, gracias Pepe) we threw on our trunks and hit up the pool bar only to be welcomed by a bunch of Canadians, Irish, Germans, Mexicans and of course Cuban’s.  We had the time of our lives, getting to know everyone, sharing our stories and laughter for one incredible week. If I would have met those people at a bar in Canada, I might of said hello and that’s about it.

Thanks to everyone I have met over the years on my travels for saving my life and giving me the opportunity to save yours.  All the best to everyone out there and I hope you had as much fun reading this as I’ve had writing and reminiscing.

See you out on the road.

Need help planning your next life changing adventure? Brian MacDonald is the Assistant Manager at our  Eaton Centre location in Calgary, Alberta and can be reached by E-mail or calling 1-866-247-4117.

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