Hipster vacations you’ll want to jump on, too.

by Alyssa Daniells

From re-inventing river cruises to a new millennial-centric airline, the travel industry is about to gain a lot more hashtags.

Millennials are known to eschew the major financial purchases their preceding generation coveted, like homes and cars, opting to invest in experiences instead.

What’s more fun than drinking beer? Learning about it and making new friends (while drinking beer.)

Think craft brewery tours and tastings in Portland, checking out underground music scenes in uber-cool Berlin, shopping for Scandinavian street style in Stockholm, or the cutting-edge culture in Sao Paolo (because like, everybody goes to Rio.) This means hipster travel is a thing and it’s big. (Note: we’re not saying all the millennials are hipsters– those examples happen to appeal to that niche!)

And as the industry’s Baby Boomer bandwagon makes way for millennials, expect to see how hipster vacations are flooding other niches traditionally dominated by older demographics.

European river cruises, for example.

U by Uniworld: Cruises for Young People

What do hipsters love about river cruises? When they go against the current, not the mainstream.

Our friends at Uniworld have introduced a refreshing travel concept we’re definitely on board with. They’ve opened up their river cruise market to millennials with the launch of the new U by Uniworld brand.

The idea of floating down Europe’s famous rivers in beautiful surroundings, with ever-changing scenery passing you by, is all kinds of awesome. Yet the average age of a river cruise passenger is 65, which means younger people associate this travel style with their parents or grandparents, and are unlikely to consider this kind of cruise as their kind of vacation.

U by Uniworld is about to change all that. (And we’re stoked!)

beach work play relax downtime at the end of the day sunset bleisure

Beginning in 2018 (but booking now!) their U by Uniworld collection of Europe river cruises is only available to younger passengers, aged 21 to 45. This age demographic is not merely a suggestion, either. While Uniworld’s regular portfolio of river cruises is open to any age, to keep its niche legit and the U by Uniworld branding genuine, only travellers within this age bracket are permitted.

Let’s be honest, mature cruisers are quite happy not sharing a ship with youngsters, citing reasons like a lack of age-appropriate events and more noise.

U by Uniworld ‘s solves that with immersive, interactive and interesting events geared to younger, yet still sophisticated, tastes.

All hands on deck! Or hands on decks, in this case.

Onboard experiences and offshore excursions are major components of river cruising which Uniworld already mastered with its traditional cruises. Now, its millennial travellers can expect activities like chef’s table cooking classes, wine tastings, painting classes, mixologist courses led by master bartenders and silent discos (which leads us to believe the ship deck will be transformed to a club under the stars, with revellers wearing headphones to dance to the local guest DJ, how fun is that?)

The price point is easier on the budget as well, but still the boutique.  Travellers experience the Uniworld luxe travel style, but in a more relaxed atmosphere and sleek, hip decor.

The two ships operating these millennial cruises are simply named, A and B. These chic vessels will exclusively serve U’s passengers, six countries and its 27 ports of call.

Even if your selfies can’t be modest, U by Uniworld helps your budget to be.

Where does U by Uniworld travel?

The six European countries it serves are of course, situated on the famous waterways this boutique cruise line travels. The Netherlands, Germany, France, Austria, Hungary, and the heart of Europe, Slovakia.

Hop on a bike in Amsterdam and burn off some deep-fried Dutch delights. Taste beer from a proper Stein and check out some adventurous treks in Germany. Discover why the French say “la vie est belle” when you discover the beautiful life of their homeland. Hungary is a hot destination for a reason, from Budapest’s famed pub ruins to its late night parties. Admire Austria’s historic beauty, not just with your eyes and iPhone, but ears– this is the homeland of Mozart and Beethoven. After that dose of culture, Slovakia is the spot for thrill-seekers looking to try water sports like white water rafting and wakeboarding. There’s also something for those of us Canadians who prefer their water frozen– ice hockey is big in Bratislava.

You unpack once, and see way more in less time, than travelling Europe by train, bus or car. For those looking to fuel their wanderlust and fill their Instagram feed, there’s no other trip quite like this. Good on “U”, Uniworld!

The best value is booking your river cruise, flights and hotel if your wish to extend your stay, at once. We can arrange all of that.

Speaking of flights, that brings us to…

Joon by Air France

Dubbed the “millennial airline,” this new venture by Air France is marketed to passengers aged 18 to 35.

Joon, a fun way of spelling the French word “jeune”, meaning “young”, will cater to a jet-setting clientele that is tech-savvy and digitally on-point.

This will be reflected in everything from flight attendant uniforms, reportedly inspired by Silicon Valley start-up workers, to enhanced in-flight entertainment options.

Menu items and alcoholic beverages will also be geared towards more youthful, yet refined, palates.

There are no North American routes yet, but we’re excited to see how its scheduled Paris to Europe service takes off.

Whether or not you’re into hipster vacations, these trends have caught our eye! Talk to us today at 1 877 967 5302, online or chat with us in-store!

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