On the Road with Scott Stratten

by Alicia Taggio

Meet Scott Stratten:  Author, Speaker, and awesome world traveller.

His first book, UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging, became a national best-seller before it was released in 2010. He recently published his second book, The Business of Awesome (and Unawesome) which covers key business concepts related to marketing, branding, public relations, social media, human resources and customer service. It’s about the authentic touch, and the ability to connect technology with engagement to the level of Awesome. When he’s not on a book tour, his speaking gigs take him to cities all over the world.  We asked him how he pulls it off, and were pleased to discover that our very own Mary Jarvis from our Ancaster store in Ontario has become his ‘travel savior’.

“She books everything for me. Don’t know what I’d do without her. Before knowing her, I booked everything online. I can’t tell you how valuable it is having an actual person you trust take care of your travel.” – Scott

We sat down with Scott to pick his brain about his favourite travel apps , what’s gotten him through all this travel, and where he’s off to next:

1. You’ve had a chance to see a lot of North America lately, what place surprised you the most and why?

New Orleans by far. Taking a tour of the 9th Ward to see how bad things still are years later really took my breath away. Also that Bourbon Street isn’t really the true rich character of New Orleans. So much history spread around the city.

2. Best meal you’ve eaten on the road?

In N Out burger! Seriously, I’d fly to the west coast just to have a double-double animal style. Also: the meatball at Lavo at Palazzo and the steak at Union inside Aria, both in Vegas are must have’s.

3. What city did you wish you could have spent more time in?

Vancouver/Victoria BC. So much to see and experience in my own country.

4. What things can’t you live without on the road?


1. Neck Pillow from Brookstone. I could sleep in the worst turbulence with one of these. I own three because if I forget it at home, I buy another. Has to be Brookstone’s, most of the others give neck pillow’s a bad name.

2. Noise isolating earbuds from Shure. Much better than noise-cancelling, since they make a seal in your ear versus adding noise. Twice the clarity, half the volume.

3. My iPad2. I just flew a total of 10 hours yesterday and it still had 30% battery left. I left my original one on a train and nearly cried. I had to get another. It saves my sanity while traveling.

5. You always mention how much you love your ipad, so what are your Top Three fav apps?

Angry Birds, Twitter, Kindle.

6. If we could give you the power to create your own custom airline entertainment system, what functions would it have?

On demand anything. I can’t stand flights that only let you watch something on their schedule. I would make every plane have Air Canada’s system. On-demand tv and movies, and free. Although I’d be willing to pay. Also an outlet to power things plus wifi.

7. What’s been your favourite airline experience to date and what made it so enjoyable?

Honestly it’s the employees attitude on the flights that make it for me. That’s why I love flying WestJet and JetBlue. They have personality and actually seem to appreciate you choosing to fly with them.

8. Serious question: Window or aisle seat?

Aisle. I hate asking people to get up so I can use the little boys room.

9. Where are you off to next and what’s on your bucket list for the future?

Before now, I’d never traveled outside of USA/Canada but my next trip is to India! Business class thank goodness 🙂 I’m also heading to England. In regards to my bucket list, I just crossed one off, attending Fenway Park to see a RedSox game. Being a lifelong baseball fan, that was huge. And it was opening day against the Yankees. India and London are on that list and luckily I’m in a profession that provides trips there for my talks.

10. What is the #1 tip you would offer someone about to hit the road?

Ear plugs for the hotel, don’t stress uncontrollable things, always arrive early to the airport.

Thanks for the tips Scott! We look forward to following more of your adventures!

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