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Published on May 14th, 2015 | by Emma Hackwood


Orlando: Not Just For Children!

Think Orlando is just for families and children? Think again! Our Travel Consultant April Caldwell shares her recent experience visiting Orlando and DisneyWorld, and why this destination has so much to offer adults looking for a fun trip away.

The first, and only time I have been to Disney World was when I was 10 years old. I lived in Ontario, and on Halloween, upon getting back from trick or treating we were sprung with a HUGE surprise. My dad stood by the car and said “get in, we are going to DisneyWorld.” .

I am now 34 years old living in Vancouver BC, making it almost 25 years ago since I had that magical experience, I decided it was time for an anniversary trip. I wondered though, would it be as great as I remembered as a child?

I had such fond memories of ripping through outer space on “space mountain”, being scared that the pirates on “pirates of the Caribbean” were REALLY shooting cannons at me, and being desperate to meet the mouse man himself. Would it be the same? Would it be better?

As I arrived in Orlando, the first thing I noticed is the variety of hotels. I was able to spend my first few nights on the idrive (think of it as the Vegas strip, but for families). You have hotels for $35 a night for the cheap and cheerful budget, hotels with kitchenettes (like Sonesta Suites), hotels with amazing water parks (like Coco Key) and even high end 5 star options for a more adult getaway (less families by the pool!)

orlando florida

Scattered amongst these hotels, are a plethora of dining options. Mcdonalds and Dennys are there, but also, Red Robin, Steakhouses, and a variety of fine dining options. Consider this area of Orlando a “choose your own adventure” platter.

After a few days of exploring this area, I am able to see the more “ themed” hotels Orlando has to offer. Hotels with golf clubs , for those who want to explore more than one hobby on their vacation (and great spas), and more themed hotels. My personal favourite was the Animal Kingdom Lodge particularly for it’s authenticity.

Orlando_Animal Kingdom Lodge

Much of the art in this hotel, is straight from Africa. If you are lucky to score a “Savannah” room, you will even have a chance to see some animals roaming by. Who would have thought you can have a Disney and the Africa experience all in one vacation!

April in Orlando DisneyworldAs for Disneyworld, was my experience as great as when I was a child? It was even better! There is something about the adult Disney experience; you appreciate all the small details they put into the magic even more.

I could feel the heat of the explosions from the cannons at Pirates of the Caribbean, I could smell the wet mist as I rode through the lagoons of Splash Mountain, and I could imagine that I was actually an astronaut in “space mountain.

As a Travel Agent who now lives in Vancouver, I understand that most people want to go to Disneyland in California , especially with young children. Its a shorter flight and its just easier.

However, if your an adult, go to ORLANDO. A direct flight is no longer than going to Mexico. You can still have the pool, the golf, the spa…but you can have your Butter Beer at Harry Potters World in Universal, an animal oasis straight from Africa, and realize it IS a small world after all.

For more information about travelling to Orlando, contact April Caldwell who is an International Travel Consultant at the Flight Centre Howe and Dunsmuir store in Vancouver, BC by connecting with her online or calling 1-866-273-9753.

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