Pure Paradise in French Polynesia

by Emma Hackwood
Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort and Spa

Our Travel Expert Kerri Ross visited the magnificent French Polynesian Islands and fell deeply in love with the beauty these islands hold. She shares her experience with us, and why you need to experience this part of the world for yourself.

French PolynesiaIt is so difficult to find the words to describe my time in the French Polynesian Islands, but there are three words that will always stay in my mind when I think of these amazing islands; the people, the ocean and the flowers.

The people were the friendliest people I have ever met in all my years of travel. Any time we met a new person or drove by someone either in a boat or car, they were always waving or smiling at you. You always felt loved and welcomed anywhere you went on one of these islands. I think my favourite experience of how open the people are is when we were waiting on a plane for our flight to Bora Bora from Moorea and there was a family beside us with a little baby and we were smiling at the baby. The dad was smiling back at us and then passed the baby over to us so he could see us better. There was no fear from the baby or the parents – it was a great feeling.

Tahiti - Bora Bora Beach

The ocean was the most breathtaking thing on the whole entire trip. I could never get over the different shades of blue that the water was. It honestly looked like someone had painted the water and was playing tricks on our eyes! Every time we went to a new destination, I would find myself in utter silence just taking in how amazing the water truly looked.

The aroma of the flowers was always around you, if not around your neck in a fresh made lei that you received when going to a new destination – then it was the fresh cut flowers in your hotel room, the lobby or the bathroom. You never needed air fresheners or perfume in the French Polynesia Islands! I found myself taking as many photos as I possibly could of all the different types of flowers so that I could always remember them.French Polynesia

I cannot wait to be reunited with my new found love – the islands of French Polynesia! Pure paradise!


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