QUIZ: Do You Have What it Takes to be a Travel Consultant?

by Emma Hackwood
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Our consultants are a little obsessed with travel. Not only are they well travelled, but they have many tips and tricks on where to stay, what to eat, and what to avoid in particular destinations.

In any given day they might be asked to book a trip to Paris, Jamaica, Cancun, or Singapore, and they need to be able to tell their clients all the best places to eat, sleep, and play.


So do you have what it takes?

Take our quiz and find out below!

 1. A couple comes in to your store and wants to book their honeymoon. They’re not sure where they want to go, but they only have three requirements: that it’s somewhere warm, the flight won’t be too long, and they won’t run into any kids. You suggest:

A ) Tahiti! It’s gorgeous and the weather is amazing.

B) Disney! Florida is only a few hours away.

C) Cancun! There are a ton of great adults-only resorts there.


2. You’re sending a family on their first trip abroad, and they ask you if they need passports to travel to Mexico. What do you say?

A) Nope!

B) Yes! You need a passport whenever you leave the country.

C) Double yes! You need a passport AND a visa.

3. Your parents want to go the Caribbean for their anniversary. Which island do you recommend?

A) Antigua

B) The Seychelles

C) Molokai

4. You just booked your friend on a trip to Australia, and they ask you for some tips. You tell them:

A) Watch out for kangaroos – they’re everywhere and can be a huge nuisance, especially in major cities.

B) The seasons in Australia are the reverse of the seasons in Canada, so travelling in January will land you right in the middle of their summer.

C) Make sure to rent a car: Sydney, Brisbane, and Cairns are all within a few hours of each other, so you can make a nice day trip out of visiting all three.

5. You get a phone call from someone who wants to visit Machu Picchu. What country do you send them to?

A) Egypt

B) Peru

C) Brazil

So how do you stack up? Check your answers below:

1. C. Cancun! There are a ton of great adults-only resorts there. Disney is definitely warm, and it’s a short flight from most East Coast cities, but there are going to be tons of kids running around. And while Tahiti is gorgeous and you won’t see a lot of kids there, you will need to be prepared for a pretty long flight.

2. B. Yes! Don’t forget your passport!

3. A. Antigua. The Seychelles are located off the coast of Africa, and Molokai is in Hawaii.

4. B. Their seasons are the opposite of ours, so traveling in January will land you right in the middle of the Australian summer. Visitors definitely don’t have to worry about an urban kangaroo plight, which is good news, but they do have to be aware that to drive up Australia’s eastern coast from Sydney to Cairns will take them about 31 hours.

5. B. Peru. Egypt is home to the Pyramids, and Brazil is famous for its iconic Christ the Redeemer statue.

If you answered all 5 correctly, then congratulations!

You’d be an amazing consultant and we recommend applying for a job here.

If you answered 2-4 correctly, you’re almost there! Our consultants aren’t born as walking travel encyclopedias – they just love to visit and learn about all the amazing places that they can. And luckily, you can too!

If you answered 0-1 correctly, you might not want to quit your day job quite yet. But the good news is that there’s a whole world out there for you to explore, and a whole lifetime to enjoy exploring it!

For more information on working with Flight Centre, check out our Careers section!

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