Before You Buy the In-Flight Wi-Fi, Read the Fine Print!

by Kara Byrne
Wing of airplane in the air

Internet is certainly handy to have, and a wonderful way to pass the time on a long flight, but before you buy the in-flight Wi-Fi, make sure you read the fine print. A passenger on a recent Singapore Airlines flight received a whopping $1,171 bill for his internet usage. After purchasing a $30 internet package that offered 30MB of data, the passenger exceeded the limit without realizing he was doing so.

 “…Yes, the pricing per mb was disclosed on sign-up, but I bought the $30 package, slept through most of the flight, and really didn’t think I’d end up a thousand bucks past the limit,” the passenger claimed on Trend Hunter.

Sometimes simply understanding the technology can help us to avoid making these costly mistakes, so we’ve included a clip above that offers a quick explanation of in-flight Wi-Fi and how it works. While we may be well-rehearsed in avoiding pricey phone bills as Canadians, this serves as a good reminder that it’s still important to read the fine print.