River or Ocean Cruise? What’s your style?

by Alyssa Daniells

Can’t decide between an ocean cruise or a river cruise? Perhaps you don’t fancy yourself either type of traveller?

Sounds like it’s time for a pop quiz!

Take our highly-scientific, data-driven (ok maybe we’re exaggerating a tad) and find out what your cruise style is! What you learn, may surprise you.

1. Who do you identify with more?

a) You fancy yourself a Moana or Captain Jack Sparrow — the ocean calls you
b) You’re an irreverent Huckleberry Finn or a southern belle in Showboat — winding down a river, carefree
c) A cross between Frank Ocean and Joan Rivers, impersonating a cross between Billy Ocean and River Phoenix

2. Your personal motto is closest to:

a) ‘Go Big or Go Home’
b) ‘Quality over Quantity’
c) ‘Size Matters’

3. Which “-ure” do you prefure, er prefer?

a) Adventure
b) Culture
c) Haute Couture

4. Another “-ure” question: what describes your favoured architecture?

a) soaring ceilings, staircases and chandeliers
b) sleek, streamlined and elegant
c) a van, down by the river

5. Gazing out the ship’s window, I like to see:

a) endless expanses of sparkling water straight into the sunset, as far as the eye can see
b) changing landscapes, greenery and scenery, from quaint villages to famous cities
c) what the couple in the ship docked next to me are up to

6. My preferred travel partners would be:

a) Ahoy! Just me and my matey! And sometimes our faithful crew
b) Anybody but kids, those scallywags
c) Cry me a river, I just want to be alone

7. I like the idea of escaping to:

a) a miniature city, where every whim of mine can be catered to
b) an exclusive retreat
c) Space, the final frontier

8. When it comes to people, I:

a) like to kick it with my partner, travel partner or family
b) love the opportunity to meet new friends
c) get hungry

Score your answers:

Ok, and time’s up! Did you answer all 8 questions? Great! Now, here’s how to score:

Mainly a)’s: Let’s get the cruise ship in motion, you prefer the ocean.

Mainly b)’s: If you had to choose, it’s the intimacy of a river cruise.

Mainly c)’s: You are quirky, to say the least! Additionally, you are open to either the ocean or river cruise experience.

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