Ryan Reynolds & Air Canada: now here’s the perfect wingman!

by Alyssa Daniells
ryan reynolds & air canada oscar suit

O Canada. Ohhhh, Ryan!

What do you get when you cross a Canadian dreamboat and an Air Canada Dreamliner? Well, it would probably look very similar to the latest ad campaign of our flag-carrier.

Vancouver-born actor Ryan Reynolds returned to his home and native land to narrate Air Canada’s beautiful new advertising campaign.

Reynolds is well-known to make fans dreamily have their heads in the clouds. Now, they can be literally in the clouds, when they are inspired to fly Air Canada.

You can catch “Our Home” on TV, radio and online spots during the holiday season, as well as in select movie theatres. It touches on the subject (and we admit, touches our hearts) of living away from Canada during this nostalgic time of year. Regardless of where we are in the world, as Reynolds says in the poignant ad, “home lives in us.”

Speaking about the project, Reynolds said, “I felt a connection to this script because I know what it’s like to carry that feeling of home with me wherever I go…Being a Canadian who travels all over the world, I understand how my home made me who I am and the special regard people everywhere have for Canada.”

It’s cute, clever, charming and Canadian. (And that’s just Ryan. Haha.)

Reynolds will continue to work with Air Canada in 2018 as part of an ongoing advertising campaign. This will be in addition to charitable work via the Air Canada Foundation. Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto is among the many organizations it helps, which Reynolds was serendipitously already involved with. On the subject of charities (’tis the season, after all), any travel you book with us will go towards Flight Centre’s charity work.

Enjoy the ad and happy holidays!

Did this nostalgic advertisement strike heartstring chords? Book Air Canada flights for the holidays season and 2018 with Flight Centre. Contact us at 1 877 967 5302 or contact a travel agent near you.

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