Sending Cameron Home for the Holidays

by Emma Hackwood

No matter what your beliefs, the holidays are about one constant that nobody can deny, and that’s family.

Time with our loved ones is precious and priceless, and without them around, makes the spirit of Christmas a lot harder to feel, let alone enjoy. Maybe it’s the business we’re in, but all too often, in our beloved (and massive) country of Canada, we hear stories of people unable to connect with their family over the holidays. May it be job relocation, emigration or simply the lack of money to get ‘home,’ it is a hard time for many as they have to go without.

Such was the case when Cameron walked into one of our Vancouver shops and sat down with our consultant, Paulina, to price a ticket to Toronto to visit his ailing dad. Recently diagnosed with a brain tumour, doctors gave Cameron’s father 3-5 months to live, making this Christmas very possibly their last together.

The only thing standing in the way of Cameron spending time with his dad was about 3,400 kilometers and a $1000 airfare, unfortunately something he didn’t have. The touching story inspired Travel Consultant Paulina and Flight Centre to see what could be done about helping Cameron get home for the holidays. Watch this heart warming story in the video above.

The holidays help us remember that we are never alone, and a day to remind us that we’re here for more than just ourselves. Being with family holds also holds time together: tender memories of the past, courage and gratitude for the present and hope and strength for the future.

happy holidays from flight centre

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