Shopping on the Isle of Capri

by Emma Hackwood
Isle of Capri ocean views

If you’re looking to do some serious shopping with a good mix of high fashion and local handmade wares, Capri is the place for you! Flight Centre’s Vanessa Madore recently travelled there to explore the shopping options, and share the highlights of her trip with us:

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I recently had the privilege to travel on a Cosmos Tour of Italy, starting in Rome making our way down the Amalfi Coast with a 2 night stop on the beautiful Isle of Capri.


To get to Capri, you take the hydrofoil from the port of Naples. It’s about a 40 minute journey and will cost you approximately  15 euros for a one way journey. Once you arrive in Capri, make your way to the “Funicular”, which is a train that will bring you up the mountain (Friendly tip: don’t walk it!)

If you’re looking for Haute Couture Fashion; Gucci, Valentino, Prada, Chanel, Givenchy etc, then the main part of Capri is where it’s at. Think Rodeo Drive, except on the Med, with much nicer scenery.


Let yourself get lost in the winding cobblestone lanes with stone walls on either side covered with beautiful vines and flowers. You never know what you’ll come across. If you are in the market for Art, Capri has many galleries for you to peruse and most will deliver your pieces anywhere in the world.

Capri is well known for the Carthusia Perfume shop. Just their beautiful window display is worth the stop. Many of their scents are made from the flowers that grow in Capri and make a wonderful gift for Mother’s day or birthdays.

For a different feel and a chance to bargain, take the local bus up to Anacapri. You can catch the bus in the centre of town for about 2 euros. Don’t be surprised if the bus gets packed, there seems to be no limit to the amount of people allowed on, but just hold on tight and enjoy the beautiful scenery and the ride!


Anacapri is where to shop for locally made goods like handmade/painted ceramics, linens, sandals, leathers, food and of course Limoncello! Most of the shops close from 1:30PM-4PM for siesta, so head up for about 2PM, and do some window shopping, sight seeing and an extended lunch to build up your energy for shopping!


You can find many bright and colorful ceramics which is common in the Amalfi Coast on the Isle of Capri. I left Anacapri with two beautifully handcrafted bowls, a mug, and a pitcher from a family run store called “Eureka”, all in the colours that reflect Capri’s natural surroundings;  coral blue, lemon yellow and crisp whites. The shop is located at the top of the main shopping street when you get off the bus. I left behind four amazing hand crafted tiles, because I knew I would end up paying double for the luggage weight on my flight back. Although they will ship to your home, I’ll save them for my next visit! The total asking price for all I bought was 130 euros and I got it for 90, so always barter!

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Anacapri is also famous for handmade sandals and master cobbler, Antonio Viva. He has been crafting them for over 50 years. Choose the style and colour you want and you  can have them handcrafted while you wait. The shop is located in an open air shop along the main shopping street. They are a great keepsake for your trip, and will cost you much less then the Louboutin’s or Manolo Blahnik’s in Capri.

So on your next visit to Capri set aside an afternoon for some retail therapy, you won’t regret it!


Looking for more information on travelling to Capri for shopping? Contact Vanessa Madore a Travel Manager with Flight Centre Summerhill based in Toronto by connecting with her online or calling 1 866-788-5107.

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