SmartCare for Business Travel – Smart, Safe Travel with Flight Centre

by Jack Cheng

Face it; there’s no such thing as hassle-free travel.

Even for the most seasoned business traveller, going through the motion of jetting off and arriving at a distant airport can spell many frustrations in between. It’s one thing to shrug off missed luggage, another to ignore large-scale mishaps.

Whether you are landing on the other side of the continent or flying into a foreign country, there is always a kernel of risk involved, and it comes in many forms: natural disasters, violent protests, threats of terrorism, or medical emergencies. Although it’s impossible to predict mishaps, it is possible to have a comprehensive and fully funded assistance solution in place to address medical and non-medical emergencies that impact or have the potential to impact you during a period of travel.

FCBT SmartCare Buisness Travel

From the moment you book your business flight, Flight Centre Business Travel’s SmartCare program, powered by CAP™ protects you from complications beyond your control. While typical business travel insurance and alternative assistance plans cover the basics, SmartCare covers everything, including natural disasters, political threats, civil threats caused by riots, strikes and civil commotion, and transport to a home hospital of choice for FCBT customers requiring medical treatments. Here’s what you need to know about this comprehensive travel assistance program:

Travel Assistance Benefits Included in SmartCareFCBT SmartCare Buisness TravelWhy SmartCare is an essential part of your next business trip

In the past year alone, 87% of business travellers in North America have experienced travel-related mishaps*, ranging from disaster-related evacuations to unexpected early returns due to emergencies.

FCBT SmartCare Buisness Travel

We understand that regular traveller’s assistance plans provide limited coverage for these situations, let alone fully recoup the losses suffered from unexpected delays, forced cancellations, and unforeseen emergencies. But by partnering with FocusPoint International, one of travel industry’s top medical and security assistance providers and integrating their industry leading assistance solution CAP ™, FCBT can confidently offer a specialized, exclusive protection program.  SmartCare is capable of providing comprehensive travel protection and travel assistance for single business travellers and for an entire company’s workforce.

Now, that’s travelling smart.

*Source: GBTA Foundation: How to Close Risk Management Loopholes. July 2017



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