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Published on February 13th, 2014 | by Kristen Sarah


In a Relationship? Take a Solo Adventure

Thinking about taking a trip but have been putting it off because your partner can’t take the time off or isn’t interested in visiting the same destination as you? Our friend Kristen from Hopscotch the Globe shares why and how to travel solo even when you’re in a relationship:


Travelling solo is a must-have experience. It forces you to make your own decisions without relying on someone else to make them for you or persuade you with their input.  You get to know yourself so in depth that what you thought you liked or disliked changes, and you are forced to bare witness to your strengths and weaknesses.  Going through all of this allows for personal growth.  In fact, there is no way you can’t learn and grow after a solo adventure.

Now if you are in a committed relationship, does that rule out the option to travel solo? From someone who has been in a committed relationship with the same person for 9 years, I say absolutely not!

If I calculate the amount of travelling I’ve done solo while with my partner, it would tally well over a year.  Add another four years of living two hours apart from each other into the mix, and we have now become experts at long distance relationships.

Deciding to travel solo rather than as a unit has made our relationship much stronger.

Travelling solo has given us the freedom to pursue things independently and experience things for ourselves. This is so necessary for personal growth.  We have allowed each other to embrace our own freedom without the “restrictions” society might say come with a relationship.  The truth is, there are no rules and no one should prevent you from fulfilling a dream or restrict your from embracing your own independence.  The worst excuse I’ve ever heard for not doing something you truly want is, “because my partner doesn’t want to do it with me.”

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My partner and I have never held each other back from fulfilling a dream and instead support each other wholeheartedly.  Learning to trust the other person is a hard lesson to learn but if you agree to be honest and share everything, no matter what it is, then you will only build a strong healthy relationship.  Don’t get me wrong, my partner and I have had our ups and downs, but instead of going our separate ways, we have dealt with the hardships.  As a result, we are more in love and stronger than ever.

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I have really enjoyed my solo adventures around the world because they have allowed me to learn a lot about the person I am and who I want to be.  They have challenged me to be more social with people and make more friends.  I find that I immediately make more friends on the road when I travel solo because I chat with everyone, everywhere. When I am with my partner, we absolutely make friends and chat with many people but there are also times when we are having our own conversations and enjoying each other that we have missed out on meeting someone new.  This is not a bad thing at all, just different.


Ask yourself this:

Why must things change when we are in a relationship? Why must we do EVERYTHING together?  Based on my own personal experience, I believe that keeping your own independence is what is most important in maintaining a long, strong, and healthy relationship.  There’s that saying that once you find your “other half,” that will be it!  I believe that once you find that other whole who you will be fine living without, but would much rather live with, is when you have struck gold.


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is the creator and owner of Hopscotch the Globe: the leading, and award winning, adventure travel vlog. She is known as a risk-taking, adventure seeking, travel junkie who travels the world and films it all.

2 Responses to In a Relationship? Take a Solo Adventure

  1. Charlie says:

    How did you afford it? Did you work while traveling? If so, what did you do? I watched your post-travel depression. I know my quick trip to T.O. pales in comparison to your journey. I’ve been experiencing an extremely deep depression like I have never before since my wee trip. It’s worth mentioning that a guy who I really like had also dropped in to visit me before he was to fly abroad – this is when I first started to feel depressed. You see, I have been imprisoned/legally bound in my old home by my ex husband and his legal antics for almost 4 years and was finally released almost 4 months ago. So, I don’t have to explain why a wee trip to T.O. might seem like a big deal! All I dream about is getting to travel – to seek out some excitement and adventure. I have forever had the travel bug. And now, I have the freedom but not the means to do it, makes it even more frustrating. I am trying to get a travel job via cruise ship or yacht. I even entertain the thought of becoming a truck driver (no kids, no commitments). Do you still feel the need to travel? When you think about it, do you become a little sad? How did you do it? What resources did you have? Please, any help would be great. I have to get over this. I need to find my happiness. Thank you and God bless you.

    • Hi Charlie,

      Travel is transformational. That statement could not be more true and that is why we forever change once we get bit by the travel bug. I find different ways to afford travel. I worked many hours serving at restaurants and did a lot television production work. I didn’t spend my money on as many material things and instead saved it for travel and experiences. I now am a full-time travel blogger (which took years of free work, determination and passion). So, I sometimes get opportunities to go and travel to shoot videos or write articles. I also freelance write and make videos on YouTube. Little streams of income coming in from different directions and all allowing me to pursue what I love. I always think about travel. I have felt sad from thinking about it from time to time upon returning from a trip. But if you think of your life as being one big journey and that you are always travelling (because you are), then it doesn’t feel so bad. Also, the world is there waiting for you whenever you are ready to explore it.

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