How To Stay Happy While Travelling with Your Partner

by Caroline and Matt

So, you’ve found the perfect partner? Whether he/she’s the babe you met while backpacking in Europe, or your high school sweetheart, your trip together could be wonderful – ‘could’ being the operative word. But how do you stay happy on the road? Matt and Caro from Passport and a Toothbrush share some key tips for staying happy (and keeping sane) while travelling with your partner.

Pre-departure conversation

Before jumping into anything, discuss your expectations. Are you both looking for a vacation? Or maybe one seeks a little more adventure? How will you handle money matters? It’s easy to stress out on the road. This small step during the planning stage of your holiday surely will save a few headaches down the road.


Finding the right vacation


You love each other. It’s been the most magical months/years of your life and you decide to book a 3-month trip to Africa together. Well, let me stop you right there champ! A relationship at home couldn’t be any more different than a relationship on the road. The resort buffet didn’t sit right with you? Well, you better love your better half very much because hotel bathrooms hold no secrets! When travelling, relationships evolve at light speed and so it’s crucial to pick the right type of vacation. Your wild African adventure may have to wait for the 1-year relationship mark. Instead, enjoy weekend trips and build up from there!



The sky is blue, the grass is green, you’ll have disagreements and that’s the nature of things (thanks Dave Suzuki). To avoid heated arguments or disappointment, compromises need to be made. If one side prefers cultural outings whereas the other would rather go zip lining, try to find the time to do both. If that’s not possible, why not search for a tour that has a mix of both cultural and adventurous activities? A small compromise could save your trip, and your relationship. You can thank us later.


Don’t forget to eat


If you’re anything like us, you know far too well the symptoms of hanger (an unhealthy blend of hunger and anger, and a word I made up thank you very much). You know the feeling: after hours of sightseeing and walking for what seems like an eternity, you’re hungry, impatient and irritable. I may have been found guilty of snapping at Matt over any little thing when ‘hangry’. This is when he knows it’s the perfect opportunity to offer me a smoothie. Always keep some snacks in your daypack or take the time to sit down and eat. Trust me, that granola bar is a peacekeeper.


Enjoy the moment

Mishaps happen. On the road, if you’ll allow me to refer to my high school first aid course, breathe, assess then proceed. Because of the excitement of a holiday, it’s easy to pressure ourselves to live the best moment of our lives … round the clock. A trip is rarely perfect so it’s important to enjoy the moment, be flexible and avoid letting stress get the best of you. Understand that you won’t see or do everything and that’s okay. Surely this won’t be your last trip together!



Take a break


Spending so much time together is insane. This applies to parents, friends, relatives and especially couples. Get over the possible awkwardness of suggesting time off from each other and realize this move will do you good. It can be as simple as a breakfast apart or an afternoon wandering alone in a café. It’s a healthy way to listen to your thoughts and enjoy your new surroundings. I promise you’ll have more to talk about and will greatly enjoy each other’s company once again when reunited.


Let Go

Forget what Rose told Jack on that raft and do let go. Whether it’s a 7 day holiday in Florida or an extended adventure in Asia, a trip is the perfect time and place to set yourself free of bad habits or worries from home. Stop checking your e-mail, try that weird looking dish or dance like a total fool! You’re lucky to spend this time together so follow these tips to relax and have fun!

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