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Published on June 8th, 2014 | by Allison Wallace


Summer Travel Tips

With the arrival of summer, many people are starting to look at ways to maximize their holiday time during the best time of the year. We’ve put together some tips to keep summer travel stress to a minimum: 

While Christmas and Spring Break are busier times of the year for travel, the most prolonged busy period unfolds during the summer months of June, July and August.  It’s at this time that Canadians in particular head to Europe or spend their time discovering what Canada has to offer. Whether you’re prepping for a long-haul flight, or packing up the car for a road-trip, here are some tips to keep stress levels down:


Plan Ahead

The first rule of thumb to keeping any summer travel stress to a minimum is to plan ahead. This is especially true this year if you’re planning to go to Europe.  Contact a Flight Centre Travel Expert today to start the planning process, and look up prices for the dates you’d like to travel. If they know where you plan to travel, they can keep an eye on prices and seat sales for you.


Avoid Peak Travel Days


Many people like to take advantage of the summer long weekends to save holidays. As a result, this translates into higher demand and therefore higher prices and less availability. It may be worth the money and less hassle to avoid those weekends completely.


Online Check-in

Most airlines provide online check-in 24 hours in advance of your flight departure so be sure to take advantage of that option if it’s available. It means having your boarding bass, selected seat and going straight to baggage drop-off, avoiding the check-in line altogether.


Pack Wisely


It’s important to know your baggage limits and pack wisely. Many airlines are now charging for 2nd bags and airlines are always more diligent with weight and size of both checked and carry-on items when flights are full.

Give Yourself Time

If you’re flying, consider booking an early morning flight because as the day progresses, there is a greater possibility of delays. If you’re on a connecting flight, make sure you give yourself more time than you think you’ll need especially if you need to change terminals or go through customs. Finally, make sure you don’t have something crucial planned for the first day of your trip. For example, if you’re going on a cruise and it departs on a Sunday, don’t leave Saturday night.


Looking to book a summer getaway? Contact one of our travel consultants at 1-877-967-5302 or find your closest store


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Allison Wallace

Allison Wallace is the Director of Media & Communications for Flight Centre Canada. She is a published author and photographer and her passion for travel has taken her to 65 countries on 6 continents worldwide.

2 Responses to Summer Travel Tips

  1. Great tips which will definitely help people visiting Canada. Photos are excellent.

  2. Jeff says:

    How about planning to go where no one else is going … not as bad as it sounds, as for instance Costa Rica is in the midst of its “Green” Season, which basically means that it rains every day although only for a couple of hours and otherwise you have the beaches, bars & restaurants at bargain prices. Also we find accommodations such as at Suitelife Vacations where we’ve gotten a family sized condo near the beach in Jaco at a real bargain during that season since it’s regarded as Costa Rica’s low season. Its worthwhile checking out this counter-intuitive travel strategy to save some money.

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