Taking in the Beauty of Greece

by Emma Hackwood

Greece offers a myriad of experiences, landscapes and activities. From the pulsing nightlife, to the amazing sunset views, Shira Freedman shares with us why she loves Greece so much, and why she can’t wait to go back: 

When people ask me what my favorite place in the world is, Greece has always been my answer. Why? It’s incredible. From the moment you step out of the airport in Athens you’re submerged into a world of history and sites from ancient times.

Athens has the Parthenon; which is a temple on the Athenian Acropolis dedicated to the Greek Goddess Athena which can be seen from most parts of the city. At night it’s nice to walk around the Plaka, the old part of Athens with narrow cobblestone streets, lined with nice shops and cafe’s that are open very late.


Take a ferry or a short flight to the islands and you’ll see what the true meaning of beauty is. Simply put, the islands are stunning. Mykonos and Santorini are my absolute favourite, and there are a lot of reasons why. Your first glimpse of Mykonos will be one that will last a lifetime. There really are no words to describe how picture perfect this island is. The famous windmills are a top a hill in the center of the town and will probably be the first thing that you will see coming in.

If you’ve think that you’ve already seen the nicest sunset, just wait until you see it here in Santorini. It is STUNNING.


The nightlife in Mykonos starts late and ends into the wee hours of the morning, so be prepared to have an amazing time. The drinks are expensive averaging 12 euros per drink, but if you check out Sameli bar you can buy one drink at 12 euros and get a second one for free before 1am as it’s their “happy hour”. It had great music, drinks, friendly bar staff; what more could you ask for? I could stay a week on this island alone just exploring the narrow winding streets and checking out the delicious restaurants.

The food in Greece is definitely worth writing home about. It seems like every eatery has a five star chef; from the little ma and pa snack bars with souvlaki and fries, to the expensive sit-down restaurants with four course meals. An abundance of fresh cheese seems to be served with every meal, so if you’re a cheese lover get ready for the biggest and best assortment.
Take my word for it, the Greeks definitely know how to cook! I loved it so much that I’m already booking my return trip back!


Looking for more information on travelling to Greece? Shira Freedman is a Flight Centre Associate and can be reached online for more info.

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