Talk Like a Pirate Day 2017 has arrrr-ived!

by Alyssa Daniells
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Yo-ho-ho! Behold! It’s time to wrangle yer crew, imbibe in rum and Talk Like A Pirate!

International Talk Like a Pirate Day started as a joke (as you may have guessed) between friends in 1995 and grew to be an actual holiday recognized around the world. From Hollywood to Halloween, the craze for pirates continues. This whimsical and wacky celebration of pirate vernacular keeps a lively tradition from walking the plank to oblivion!

Here at Flight Centre, our travel agents are pillaging deals for you across the Seven Seas, for landlubbers and sea dogs alike.

“Arrr” you game? Channel your inner Jack Sparrow and read on!

Where to Go on Talk Like a Pirate Day


If you’re a movie buff, you know that pirates and the Caribbean go hand in hook. Book your winter escape to the islands now and save.

Dreaming of a cruise? There’s no better way to celebrate these seafaring scallywags than aboard an ocean vessel. Check out our current cruise deals.

Or, why not got to Walt Disney World in Orlando? Here you can experience the mighty Pirates of the Caribbean ride, the inspiration behind the film franchise of blockbuster hits!

peter pan and disney world talk like a pirate day

Should you see a Flightie (that’s our affectionate term for ourselves) staggering and slurring, have no fear! We are just in character.

Talk Like a Pirate in 5 Easy Steps

Are ye up for the challenge, Buccaneers? Here are some helpful hints on how to talk like a seafaring swindler!

talk like a pirate day funny skeleton

1. Drop the ‘ing”

We’re not sure what pirates had against the letter ‘g”, but if the word ends in ‘ing’, it becomes pronounced with an ‘n’ only. So when you come into a Flight Centre shop for help today, be sure to say something along the lines of “I’m lookin’ for a bookin’!” and we’ll know what you mean. You can also say, “Hand over your booty!” without being kicked out on your booty. (Read our lexicon below if you’re utterly confused.)

2. Brush up your Pirate vocab, Swashbuckler

Keep this lexicon handy, so you may pepper your diction with pirate words:

Avast ye = pay attention
Booty = treasure
Cackle fruit= chicken eggs
Old salt= a sailor that has a great deal of experience on the seas
Shiver me timbers = “Oh my!” Used to express surprise or annoyance
Scallywag, son-of-a-biscuit eater =  insulting names to call someone (hopefully not your Flightie.)

Source: Ye Olde Urban Dictionary, circa 1705. (Kidding.)

3. Fancy Dress to Impress

seinfeld puffy shirt talk like a pirate

The actual Puffy Shirt from the infamous Seinfeld episode.

Not one for accents or impersonations? No problem. Some of us prefer to keep a low profile. So what better way to achieve this, yet still celebrate Talk Like  a Pirate Day, than donning pirate attire? You can be the strong but silent type if you choose this option. Think frilly shirts, eye patches, or perhaps a live parrot jauntily placed upon your shoulder.

4. Travel somewhere that begins with “Cay” or “Cayo”

Cay (pronounced ‘key”) refers to a reef of coral, rock, or sandbank and figures largely in pirate tales.  There are many cays in the beautiful Bahamas, where hurricane restoration is underway. Consider the cays of the Exumas– you may even see its regular Johnny Depp out of  his pirate costume. The Spanish form of the word is “cayo”, which you’ll find in Mexico, Dominican Republic, Cuba and other Spanish-speaking islands. We are keen to help bring tourism back to these beautiful parts of the world.

5. Exude Confidence

While this may be the effects of liquid courage in the form of cane sugar rum, a pirate worth his salt is full of bombastic bravado. Gesture with your hands and arms, speak loudly and add some gruff to your voice for additional fear-inducing tactics. While we can’t promise you better travel deals if you do this, you’ll certainly have our unwavering attention.

There ye have it! We arrrrr always here to help ye, whether it’s lessons in pirate vernacular or helping you plan yer travels.


Click on our cheap flights to the Caribbean, check out our cruise deals or come see us in store about Disney World deals! We are available online 24/7 or call 1 877 967 5302.


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