The Beautiful Fijian Pearls

by GuestBlogger

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Last year we ran a competition called Second Honeymoon and asked our customers to write in as to why they deserved a chance at a second honeymoon in Fiji. The public voted and our winner Diana and her husband Sam share their experience on this beautiful island with us:

If you think we are referring to the fresh water pearls, you guessed wrong!

The most memorable aspect of our trip to the Fijian Islands was the Fijian people, who were a treat for the soul. We began our romantic Journey at the Tokoriki Island Resort, where we arrived as visitors and left as friends! The Fijian culture was very much alive on Tokoriki Island and we were blessed to be able to share in this experience. We especially loved the charming South Pacific sense of humor!

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Snorkelling on Qamea Island was a treat for the eyes. It was an amazing, thrilling, and an unforgettable experience. Who knew that there was a whole other world underneath that warm, clear, azure water! The coral reefs were captivating! We saw all the colors of the rainbow! We also saw barracudas, unicorn fish, manta rays and even friendly reef sharks! Yes, they were friendly! We didn’t’ think the words “friendly” and “shark” went together in one sentence either!

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Last but not least, the Fijian culinary experience was a treat for the taste buds. The delicious spicy curries which come from the influence of the Indian people in Fiji brought us into instant bliss! The coconuts, the fresh fish, cassava, taro, the fresh fruit…we could go on forever! We are now hungry, so we sadly have to end this blog!

Most importantly, a BIG Vinaka Vaka Levu (thank-you very much) to everyone who helped make our dream of going to Fiji come true!

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-Sam & Diana


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