A Sneak Peak at the Disneyland Dream Suite

by Emma Hackwood

Have you ever wondered where the Happiest Place on Earth is? Without question, for many it’s the Disneyland Vacations Resort. If you can believe there’s an even happier place – you’ll have to ask our Travel Expert Miriam Cloutier, who was lucky enough to spend a highly coveted and magical night in the Disneyland Dream Suite.

Disneyland dream suite hotel

The Disneyland Dream Suite used to be an art gallery above the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. It underwent a multi-million dollar renovation and transformed into an amazing suite that cannot be rented, but only given out as a prize. Presidents and celebrities have tried to book the Dream Suite and all have been refused. It made it that much more exciting for me to stay here overnight!

When my family and I arrived in Los Angeles, Disney Parks had arranged a private car to pick us up from the airport and drop us off at the park. We had lunch at the Storytellers Café, where we were met by a Disney representative who privately guided us through the back lot to the Dream Suite. We weren’t allowed to take pictures of the back lot, but I can tell you that we did see where all the parade floats and props are stored. This was pretty exciting in itself.

Disneyland Dream suite terrace

We finally made it to the entrance of the Dream Suite and walked in to a palace and it was magical! The living room housed Cinderella’s glass slipper illuminated in a blue light, a horse from an antique-like looking carousel leaned against a wall, and each room was decorated after the theme of each area of the park. The bathroom was my favourite. An alcove with Tiffany stained-glass windows surrounded a huge Jacuzzi tub. While you bathe, the lights dim and thousands of twinkling lights appear while classical music plays low in the background.

Hands down, the Dream Suite balcony has the best view of “Fantasmic,” a fireworks and water show. During the show, we were served hot chocolate and snacks.

As the park closed at midnight, we were taken on a guided after-hours tour of Disneyland. We had the entire park to ourselves (specifically, us and security). It was just us strolling up and down Main Street.

Disneyland Dream Suite bed

After our night in the Dream Suite we headed over to Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel where we spent the remainder of our stay. The first thing we did was sit by the beautiful hearth and relax around a roaring fireplace. Staying here was an amazing experience. The hotel is conveniently located, with easy access to Disney’s California Adventure Park. This was especially helpful as we constantly zipped back and forth to our room after many turns getting soaked on the Grizzly River Run. We were also near Downtown Disney, where we could shop, eat and grab a drink. This was a defining, unbelievable stay at the Happiest Place on Earth. When I return to Disneyland, unless I can trump my way back in to the Disneyland Dream Suite, I will not be able to stay at another hotel!

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