The Gentle Giants of the Galapagos

by Alicia Taggio

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the Galapagos? Perhaps it’s the blue footed booby, the sea lions or the infamous Lonesome George? Chances are, you’ve heard about some of the endemic species of these islands including the Giant Tortoise.

I had the opportunity to see these gentle giants on my recent trip to the Galapagos with Intrepid Travel.  Although I experienced some pretty amazing things, the one day that stood out to me was while we were on Santa Cruz Island. Our Guide Zambo took us to a local farm in hopes to see Giant Tortoises roaming in the wild. I strapped on my rain boots and trekked through the huge stretch of land behind the farm with our Intrepid group in hopes to see at least one. Luckily we spotted three and I managed to capture this quick video of our experience:

Positioned between three ocean currents, the climate here is unique, and as a result, roughly 50 percent of the species are unique to the islands. Famous for its exceptional and fearless wildlife, the Galapagos has become a paradise for both nature enthusiasts and photographers alike. I came home with hundreds upon hundreds of pictures and memories like this one that will last a lifetime. And  let’s be honest, it’s not often you get to sit beside a creature this big!

Alicia and Giant Galapagos Tortoise


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