The Stuff That Jetlagged Dreams Are Made of: Abu Dhabi Airport’s Sleeping Pods

by Alyssa Daniells

The passenger descends from the aircraft; it has been a long journey in planet Earth’s atmosphere. Exhausted, it retires to its futuristic, alien-looking pod for a restful slumber…

GoSleep Pods

You’re not reading science fiction; this is the reality for passengers in Abu Dhabi International Airport’s departures lounge. The brand new, pod-like GoSleep provides a peaceful, private environment for those who are jetlagged, waiting on a connecting flight or simply tired from business or their holiday.

Inside the GoSleep is an individual chair which converts to a flat bed, and a retractable shade that can be partially or fully pulled down to block out airport noises and brightness. The GoSleep features WiFi Internet and power points for your laptop, MP3 player or charging your phone and other electronics. Expect to pay about 12.50 CDN per hour.

No other airport besides Abu Dhabi offers this innovation, although ‘pod hotels’ are popping up globally, including London’s Heathrow Airport and Atlanta International Airport. As one of the world’s fastest growing airports, Abu Dhabi is currently under a costly, modernizing overhaul and will add another 35 GoSleeps later this year to the newly-installed 10.

The GoSleep looks like a contrivance from the future, and will perhaps arrive at other international airports in the not-so-distant future.