The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush in New Zealand

by Emma Hackwood
Sunset in snowy mountains of New Zealand

New Zealand is truly the land of adventure. From bungee jumping to white water rafting, you can experience it all in this amazing country. Our Flightie Tracy travelled to New Zealand with Contiki Holidays and shares her experience with us:

New Zealand was a trip of a lifetime for me; I was lucky enough to take a trip with Contiki Holidays, and over the course of just a few days, our group was able to experience multiple locations in the South island as well as Auckland in the North island.  The possibilities for adventure and adrenaline were endless.

Our day in Queenstown was a full day of activities. We left Queenstown to visit the Kawarau Bungy bridge (the official home of bungy jumping) where AJ Hackett the creator first took the plunge. It was on this bridge in 1988 the bungy phenomenon began.  Being  New Zealand’s most popular bungy jump, thousands of tourists visit it every year. There were almost 33 of us that climbed up the bridge and took the leap from the small platform to the river below. What a rush!!

Adrenaline White water rafting/Speed boating

Another highlight in Queenstown was the exciting Jet Boat ride.  We all got to wear these huge rain coats to protect us from the splashes and life jackets of course, then our group climbed into 2 boats. Now I thought this was just a fast ride in the water. Boy was I surprised when we were going at full speed through narrow canyons bouncing on the water. We were so close to the rocks jutting out on the  sides I thought a couple times we were going to crash! It was definitely the worlds most exciting jet boat ride.

As if that wasn’t enough adrenaline for one day, next we got the opportunity to pick from a variety of optional activities.  I picked the Giant Canyon swing, thinking it was a giant swing, I was picturing this to be a little more relaxing; I was wrong. As you step out on this platform you actually fall straight down 60 m in a scary free fall to the rocks below, fly in a 200 m arc through the canyon. After you swing a couple times they then have to pull you up the 60 m. Another girl on the tour and I decided to do it tandem but it was just as scary.

Another day full of adventures in Franz Josef started out with the glacier hike at Fox Glacier.  Our tour guides decked us out in warm jackets, boots and crampons (spikes) and we were on our way.

Franz Josef Glacier New Zealand

The beginning of the hike was about 700 wood steps through beautiful trees overlooking the glacier. About an hour later and some huffing and puffing we got to the bottom of the glacier.  It was well worth the hike; the view was so amazing, it was a one of a kind experience to see the stunning ice features.
Finally we were in Auckland and it was time for the Auckland bridge climb.  Climbing up the bottom of the bridge was pretty incredible. Looking down and seeing the boats pass under our feet as we climbed higher and higher. Auckland_nz

Once we got to the middle of bridge we got to climb straight up and watch some of the others bungy jump from the bridge.  Still climbing more steps we were at the top of the bridge looking at the cars drive under us (it was pretty scary and I’m glad we were going slow.) This climb was a perfect way to see all of Auckland.

After that much adventure, I think my adrenaline levels are set for the next few months! New Zealand was an amazing destination, and I can’t wait to go back!


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