The Ultimate Jamaica Beach Playlist

by Daniel Nikulin
Jamaica beach playlist

Nothing says Jamaica like the sweet syncopated rhythm of Jah. The island’s unofficial anthem is undeniably reggae, something you’ll be reminded of the minute you land on its sunny shores.

What began as ska and rocksteady evolved into the undisputed sound of the island, creating new genres like dancehall and ragga along the way. Deeply linked to Rastafari, reggae denotes spirituality, socio-political angst, love and longing, brought to the masses by Jamaica’s legendary ambassador and greatest export, Bob Marley.  

Today, reggae music draws droves of visitors to Jamrock, including many artists looking to capture the essence of reggae by recording there. The island hosts the annual Sumfest Reggae Festival (February) promising the biggest dance party of the year.      

So, whether you’re dreaming of Jamaica or already there, enjoy our essential Jamaica beach mix full of island musts, covering the classics and those inspired by them, sure to make you swagger and sway. Just sit back, relax and take it all in.

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