Is it Time to Demand Better? You Deserve Better With Flight Centre Business Travel.

by Crissandra Ayroso

Bad customer service. There’s the kind you never forget and the kind that makes the news. It’s no wonder consumers are taking travel plans into their own hands to avoid the dreaded runarounds, cumbersome sales processes, and lackluster advice from overworked and unmotivated salespeople.

So how do you avoid poor customer service and get the proper attention you need without wasting your time? Demand better! Demand service from a business that goes above and beyond, educates, offers deals that can’t be found online, and otherwise caters to your travel needs so that you can focus on what’s important to you – your business. Start here with these 3 services we think you deserve when you book your business travel.


You deserve around-the-clock customer service

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Sometimes travel can be unpredictable, and as a result, plans need to be suddenly cancelled, changed or arranged. Facing an urgent situation where you need to get home right away, delay or extend a trip, can add to the stress of making travel arrangements. Especially if you’re somewhere unfamiliar and need help right away.

Meet Jade Bone, the Vancouver-based travel manager who works around the clock to take care of clients.

When a client called in with an emergency at 9:30 p.m., Jade was on the other end of the line to guide him through it. Jade’s client was stranded overnight in Vancouver without a credit card and no place to stay. His flight to Nanaimo was grounded due to heavy fog and he wasn’t able to find a hotel that would let him stay without a credit card. He was in town for a brain injury assessment and unable to communicate properly. Jade called around to different hotels in the area with no luck. At about 2 a.m., Jade finally spoke with a manager at Coast Hotel who made an exception and was willing to accept a cash deposit so that Jade’s client had a place to stay for the night.

If there’s a situation that calls for immediate attention, you may not always have time to wait on hold for help. Airlines can be some of the worst offenders when it comes to hold times. Rather than calling a generic line and being placed on hold during an emergency, book with a travel manager who you can reach directly day or night. Whether it’s 2 a.m. or 2 p.m., there will always be someone you can trust to help you on the other end of the line.


You deserve better knowledge and expertise

While convenient, sometimes there are limitations to booking your own travel online. Booking travel with an expert can avoid future headaches and hidden fees. It can offer options for more complex needs and save you from being stuck in an undesirable situation.

Nicole Walter is an Ottawa-based business travel expert who knows her routings and alternatives, inside and out.

When one of her client’s flights was cancelled, the airline rescheduled him and told him he had no other choice but to stay overnight near the airport for a 24-hour layover. He was advised that this was the best available option. He quickly called Nicole who found an alternative route to get him home that same night.

Good travel managers like Nicole believe the customer service experience is ongoing – before, during and after a sale. While booking your travel directly can be done easily, the flexibility in making changes (whether yours or at the mercy of another) can be frustrating, especially when there are better solutions right in front of you. Make travel easy and trust a business travel expert.


You deserve better service

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The difference between booking with a Flight Centre business travel manager and anywhere else is customer service. While we have agents like Toronto-based Cher MacNeill, who has gone as far as dog-sitting for a client so he wouldn’t miss a job interview – it’s safe to say our travel managers have your back.

Like Aaron Bengert, the Vancouver-based travel manager who knows the importance of securing the best product for the best price for his clients.

When a law firm client of Aaron’s called in to book a hotel room for three clients flying in from Germany, the only room type left available only had one king-size bed. Aaron’s clients agreed to book it anyway as it’s what the client could afford. But rather than just saying okay and booking it, Aaron took some time to look around to see what he could find at a competitive rate. He came across the Pan Pacific which had two queen beds to comfortably fit three adults. As a bonus, Aaron was able to offer it at a lesser rate than the original hotel after he applied his corporate discount code.

Travel managers like Cher and Aaron are seasoned business travel experts with the responsibility of providing the utmost care for clients. They have in-depth product knowledge to share, access to deals that can’t be found online, and will go above and beyond for you. Demand better and book with a FCBT travel manager.




Leave your travel plans in the hands of a Flight Centre business travel expert. We make travel easy. Remember, with FCBT, you always receive high-touch service, excellent travel knowledge, and 24/7 emergency assistance. 



Contact a Flight Centre business travel specialist at a store near you, or call 1-866-940-0217 to learn more how FCBT can work for you, no commitment necessary and our advice is always free.


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