Tips for Shooting Better Travel Videos

by Mike Corey

Looking to capture better videos of your travels? We asked Mike Corey, our ‘Best Travel Job Ever Winner’ to share some of his secrets with us! From what to pack, to proper shooting techniques, he breaks it down in this video for us:



-Pack one piece of checked luggage, one backpack with all your camera gear, and a smaller ‘shooting bag’ for when you’re out site seeing.

-Organize things with ziplock bags which can be used as gear protection later.

-if your trip is action packed with little down time, bring a second charger, a power bar, and an adapter with a USB port:

charger, adaptor, powerbar


Shooting in Destination

-Avoid repetitive camera movements like zooms and pans.

-try things like tilting the horizon, getting low to the ground, and falling in love with light.

-Your shots need movement whether you are moving or your subject is.

-hold each shot for 10 seconds so you have something to work with when editing

-got both close ups and wide shots to help tell the story

-get a ‘room tone’  of the area you’re in for about 1 minute on either your camera or smartphone.

Room tone, audio capture devices


And last but not least…HAVE FUN! Take what you’re passionate about and showcase it!


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