Tips for Taking Care of your Camera When you Travel

by Mike Corey

There are two things that often cause damage to your camera when you travel:  Sand and water! Whether you’re hanging out by the pool, soaking up rays by the beach, or participating in water sports, protection is always the most important thing when it comes to your camera gear.

Mike Corey from Kick the Grind TV shares his tips on how to avoid damaging your camera when you travel so you can capture your travel memories without a worry.

Mike’s Tips:

-When you’re not shooting, sheltering your camera is very important, also wear a wrist or neck strap to prevent yourself from dropping it.

-If your camera is wet, remove the battery and camera card and put it in a cup of rice for 5 days

-If you invest in a waterproof model or housing, try using RainX on your lens to repel water droplets

-To avoid condensation, put your camera in a plastic bag when coming in from outside

-Always keep silica gel packs in your bags to help remove moisture from your camera gear

-If you think you have sand in your camera, take it in to get professionally cleaned


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