Top 5 Adventurous Things to Do in Thailand

by Kristen Sarah

Need a little adventure in your life? Kristen Sarah from Hopscotch the Globe shares just some of the adventures one can experience in beautiful Thailand. From outdoor adventure, to getting a little adventurous with your food, she shares some activities you should consider to make your Thailand experience a truly authentic one:

1. Get PADI Certified

phoca_thumb_l_diver-sillouette It is no doubt that Thailand is a beautiful country on the mainland, but just wait until you explore a different world under the sea.  It will be an experience you will never stop talking about.  One of the most popular places in the world to get PADI certified is on Koh Tao Island in Thailand.  Second only to Cairns, Australia when it comes to number of annual dive certifications (but a hell of a lot cheaper), Koh Tao offers over fifty scuba diving training schools.  So, how do you know which training course to choose?  It is best to always ask others about their own experiences.  I dove with Coral Grand Divers and was very impressed with the training.  My instructor was always patient and explained and demonstrated everything very clearly.  The four-day course consists of two days of in-pool and in-classroom teaching followed by two days of open water and in-classroom training.  On the forth day of the course is when you write the final exam (and hopefully pass) before you can be considered open-water classified.

2. Try Muay Thai

Muay Thai It’s nearly impossible to travel throughout Thailand and not see poster advertisements for Muay Thai matches and booming radio slogans from cars and trucks.  This martial art is important to Thailand as hockey is to Canada.  So, when in Thailand, why not step into the ring yourself? There are several boxing camps around Thailand that offer daily classes or full-time courses.  All you need to decide is whether you want to be a fighting champion or just learn how throw a punch or two.  If you’re looking for a way to burn off that large plate of Pad Thai you had the night before, taking a Muay Thai class is guaranteed to help you accomplish that as well.  Regardless of your reason for training, you better bet you are going to get trained well as all of the teachers are past Muay Thai champions.  No one is ever going to want to mess with you again!

3. Eat some Bugs

Eating Scorpian in Thailand Bugs are high in protein and throughout Thailand, you will be able to locate carts of freshly cooked bugs that have been sautéed in delicious spices being wheeled down the streets.  It’s especially hard to miss while strolling down Koh San Road in Bangkok.  For a mere 20 baht (less than $1 Canadian), you can get a small amount of friend buggy goodness.  Choose from grasshoppers, silk worms, crickets, bamboo worms, giant water bugs, and even scorpion.

4. Rent a Motorbike

Riding in Thailand One of the best ways to explore Thailand is by motorbike.  For 100-250 baht per day ($3-$8 Canadian), you can feel the wind swipe across your face as your discover the country on two wheels. Biking in Thailand2 Most hotels/hostels/guesthouses offer bike rentals, so don’t be scared to shop around to the get the best deal.  Since it is common to meet another traveller who has been injured from riding a motorbike in Thailand, I would highly recommend thoroughly checking the bike out before signing your life away.  If you are riding with two people, be sure that the bike you choose has enough power to carry the both of you.  Also, be sure to check for scratches or other damages on the bike so you don’t become a victim of the Scooter Rental Scam.  Some scooter rental places will try and scam you, pointing to scratches and other damage on the scooter that “you have caused” and then quote you ridiculous prices for repairs. Since the rental place will have either your passport or a significant sum of money as a deposit, getting out of this situation isn’t easy. How you can avoid becoming a victim is by taking photos or a video of the bike before you take it out.  Be sure to get the shop name and owner in the video for evidence.  This will keep you in the clear and allow you to thoroughly enjoy your time exploring Thailand by motorbike.

5. Go Rock Climbing

rock climning view

Photo Credit: Mike Corey

If you’re looking for something to get your adrenaline pumping, rock climbing will do just that.  If you are also looking for something that will expose your inner hulk, rock climbing will also do that.  In fact, you will immediately start seeing muscle definition in places you never knew existed.

rockclimbing Thailand

Photo credit: Mike Corey

If you ask other travellers where the best place to rock climb in Thailand is, those with experience will most likely say Railay.  Railay is the undisputed Southeast Asian mecca for rock climbing. Whether you are beginner or advanced, there are climbing routes for everyone.  There are several climbing school in Railay with reputable guides who spend day in and out like spider man.  Since there are quite a few excellent climbing school in Railay, it’s best to head to the town and shop around to find the right school, course and price range for you before booking.   With its rich cultural heritage, spectacular beaches, lush jungles, exotic cuisine, diverse activities and world-renowned hospitality, Thailand is truly every travellers paradise.   Ready to experience it for yourself?   Contact a Flight Centre Travel Expert by connecting with us online, visiting your closest store, or calling 1-888-213-0998

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