Top 5 Things to Experience in Lapland, Finland

by Kristen Sarah

Have you ever thought about spending your next summer vacation in Lapland, Finland? If not, you may want to consider adding this destination to your list. Lapland is the largest and northernmost region of Finland and offers unique natural and cultural experiences along with diverse activities for every age. Here are the top five experiences to have during the Finnish summer.

The Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun in Lapland finland

When it comes to natural beauty, Finland does not disappoint. Due to Finland’s intense contrast between seasons, one is able to experience two natural phenomenon that the country has to offer. During the winter months, you can witness the most incredible night show in the sky also known as Aurora Borealis. In the summer months, especially in June and July, the Midnight Sun takes place. This is when the sun stays above the horizon for over 70 consecutive days. If you’ve never experiences the Midnight Sun before, it can take a little while to adjust to when it comes to your sleep schedule. After all, when you’re exposed to 24-hours of sunlight, it can be difficult to know when the evening hours have fallen upon you. It is however, one of the most interesting feelings to be out and about at midnight with the sun still shining down on you.

A Road Trip

Driving in Lapland Finland

If you’re one for hitting the open road, Lapland in the summer should be at the top of your “best road trips” bucket list. With beautiful paved and straight roads, no congested traffic and stunning scenery, your Lapland road trip will be something you continuously brag about. One thing to keep in mind is that because a huge part of Lapland consists of forest, there are several anima- crossing sides along the road. Be aware that moose and reindeer frequently share the roads with drivers, so be extra cautious and consider your speed.

A Finnish Sauna

Smoke Sauna Lapland Finland

Who spends hours in a sauna during the summer? Finns do! Whether it’s the coldest or hottest time of the year, Finns always include sauna time in their daily or weekly schedule. Sauna is such a big part of the Finnish culture that nearly every household in Finland has its own sauna. For Finns, sauna is a way of life. It is a place for relaxation, washing, bonding with friends and family and even where important business discussions take place. During the summer months, it’s very common for Finns to spend their vacation time and weekends at a summer cottage. Of course, no summer cottage experience is complete without a combination of relaxing in the sauna and taking a dip in a cold lake. So, if you want a real Finnish cultural experience, then spending some time in a traditional sauna heated by wood is a must!

The Kemijarvi Experience

Kemijarvi Experience Lapland Finland

If you’re one for adventure, nature, community and an intense arm workout, the Kemijarvi Experience is an experience not to miss! Starting from Savukoski and ending in Kemijärvi in Eastern Lapland, this 110 km rowing journey takes during 3 days to complete and will give you a unique chance to experience Lapland’s nightless night.
The Kemijarvi Experience isn’t all rowing. You will have several pleasant stops along the way which will include delicious food and drink, theatrical and musical performances, stretching and meditation sessions and of course, sauna time.


Finnish Lake lapland finland

Lapland is home to many marked and unmarked hiking trails. Along the marked trails, you will find campfire sites accompanied by open wilderness huts complete with beds that are free for anyone to use. For the more experienced hikers, the wilderness areas of northern Lapland offer a peaceful and quiet atmosphere without bumping into other hikers.

Wherever you choose to hike, Finland’s flora and fauna will not disappoint. Don’t be surprised to run into several reindeer along the way, since there are in fact, more reindeer than humans in Finland, and if you’re lucky enough, you may even spot a moose, lynx or even wolverine.

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