Le Tour de France: An Extravaganza of Logistics

by Allison Wallace
Tour de France

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to put on the world’s biggest spectator sporting event? 2015 year marks the 102nd edition of the most famous cycling race in the world, Le Tour de France. This year’s event is in full swing having started on July 4th and is made up of 21 stages that will cover a staggering distance of 3,360km by the time the cyclists cross the finish on July 26th. And with that many years of history and experience, it’s no wonder it runs like a well-oiled Cannondale bike. It’s the highlight of the cycling calendar…and an extravaganza of logistics. From how many miles to how many power bars, here’s the ParcelHero® lowdown on the Tour De France.


Tour de France Infographic

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