5 Useful Apps Every Traveller Needs

by Emese Graham
two travellers lean against a car while using a travel app by the beach

Do you remember the last time you discovered an app that made everything so much easier? We love that feeling, and we love to share it even more! Before you take off on your next adventure, check out our Travel Experts’ top five free travel apps to download.


Safety first! what3words is an essential app for hikers and adventure travellers. The creators of the app have divided the entire globe into 3meter squares, and each square is assigned a unique three-word combination.

If you’re ever in a sticky situation, just pull up the app, view your current what3words address and share your precise location with a friend or emergency responder.

This app also really comes in handy when you’re exploring busy cities with a group and need to agree on a specific meeting place for later in the day. It’s much easier than writing down latitudes and longitudes, that’s for sure.

Download on the App Store or Google Play.


Are you an over-packer or an under-packer? Get it just right with Packpoint, an easy-to-use app that takes all the guesswork out of packing for your next trip.

Just input the length of your trip, destination, weather forecast, and planned activities, and Packpoint spits out a perfectly organized checklist for your luggage.

Download on the App Store or Google Play.


Travelling north or south is one thing, but crossing time zones? Talk about jetlag!

Timeshifter helps you gradually adjust your body’s natural sleep cycle so you can spend your vacation time enjoying yourself (and not suffering from headaches and brain fog). On the way back, use the app to shift back to your usual time zone. It’s a great technique to get back from your getaway feeling refreshed… and not like you need another vacation.

Download on the App Store or Google Play.

Google Translate

You’re probably already familiar with Google Translate as a website or a browser plug-in. But did you know you can download and use Google Translate on the go?

You can type, handwrite, or even snap a photo of words that you want to translate and get instant results for dozens of languages. You can even download languages and use the app while you’re in airplane mode!

Enjoy new experiences with cultures all over the world and leave behind the stress about finding the bathroom in a hurry.

Available on Google Play and the App Store

Flight Centre’s Travel Deals App

flight centre's travel app

Excuse us, we’re tooting our own horn. The Flight Centre app is your one-stop-shop for finding cheap prices on flights and vacation packages as well as booking trips on the fly.

You can search and compare the best airfare options across your favourite airlines, plus book family vacations, adults-only holidays, and last-minute trips in just a few clicks.

While you’re travelling, you can easily access your trip itinerary, which makes things like checking into hotels or viewing relevant travel restrictions super easy.

Download on the App Store or Google Play.