Wish You Were Travelling? We Have a Playlist for That

by Emese Graham
playlists for travelling

Have you followed a beat off the beaten track? Crossed a time zone for a time signature? All the world’s a serenade, and it’s music that points you in the right direction.

Tune into our Flightie-inspired travel playlists, featuring music that’s almost as well-travelled as we are. Find the perfect mix to liven up your living room. Discover the soundtrack of your next getaway. Or let your ears take you on a mini-vacation whenever you need one.

If you’re ready to escape the routine, just press play.

Sounds of South Asia

Break out the dhol drums and discover the sounds of India, Pakistan, Nepal, and beyond. Bhangra beats, up-and-coming hip hop hits, and ballads fit for a Bollywood star – it’s all here. Pack your bags, you need to hear this! 

Sounds of Africa

Let’s see your best shaku shaku! Jump right into some pan-African greatness, featuring the hottest Swahili, Yoruba, Shona, Xhosa, and Arabic hits all in one place. 

Sounds of the Mediterranean

There’s something about bouzoukis, accordions, and 12-string guitars that takes you straight to the shores of the Mediterranean. From the stone beaches of Croatia to the chic bistros of the French Riviera, where your ears go, your heart will follow.

Sounds of East Asia

Thinking of bouncing from Tokyo to Manila to Hong Kong to Seoul? Listen before you go with our favourite sounds of East Asia. K-Pop, J-Pop, and new additions to the global jazz scene help you tick off your checklist of must-hears. 

Sounds of the Nordics

Start a magical tour of Iceland, Finland, Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. These chill indie tunes, Scandinavian rock jams, and cool party beats will be your guide. 

Sounds of Latin America

Feel the heat from Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, the Dominican Republic and beyond. Reggaeton and fresh urban hits, best served with a side of beach. All you have to do is press play. 

Sounds of the British Isles

A little pomp and circumstance never hurt anybody. The scenic route through Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and England is filled with timeless classics and icons in the making. Escape to the British Isles, one rock anthem, shanty, and foot-stomping fiddle solo at a time.

Sounds of Oceania

Take the leap to New Zealand, Australia, Cook Islands, Tonga, Tahiti, and beyond with your ears as your guide. For bellowing didgeridoos, pop anthems, cheerful choruses, and everything in between, just press play.

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